Location: Hill Lounge, Sayles Hill

Time: 4:00 pm

Present Kelly Carlin, Janel Anderson, Elizabeth Shephard, Gary Wagenbach, Mark Kanazawa, Anne Ulmer, Dennis Easley

Absent Eliza Berry, Fred Rogers, Kirk Campbell

Secretary: Whit Jones

The first meeting of the 2006-2007 school year began with introductions and an Opening Reflection by Lizzy Shephard: “If you don’t believe you can do something, imagine going to sleep in a room with a mosquito.” If anyone is interested in providing a reflection for the next meeting, please contact Lizzy.

The history of the EAC and its’ mission were then summarized. Throughout the meeting a number of people reflected on the effectiveness of the EAC and promotion of sustainability initiatives. Dennis Easley commented that it was frustrating that despite everyone’s hard work we rarely observe tangible results. Mark Kanazawa concurred with this sentiment, and as a result we prioritized our objectives and also decided that one of the workgroups would be dedicated to evaluating the EAC. Although only three defined workgroups were defined it was acknowledged that others could be added at a later date.

• Biodiesel – Janel Anderson*, Eliza Berry, Denis Easley and Mark Kanazawa
– Pull together past research projects and capstones
– Consider EPA PPP Grant
– Explore collaboration possibilities with St. Olaf and Northfield
• Paper – Kelly Carlin*, Anne Ulmer and Lizzy Shephard
– Work on improving recycled content of paper
– Reduce consumption
– SAC (Staff at Carleton) and ITS will both be focusing on paper in the near future
• Reflection – Whit Jones*, Lizzy Shephard, Mark Kanazawa
– Reflect on strengths and weaknesses of the EAC
– Determine previous projects that deserve follow-through
– Consider ways to make the EAC more effective

*Denotes leader of the workgroup

Other possible future projects:

– Review the Sodexho contract
– continue working on compost
– Northfield week, coordinate with local NGOs
– Determine how to include future classes on energy and modeling into sustainability initiatives
– Look into photovoltaic shingles
– Develop long-term energy plan

It was determined that 8am on Tuesday mornings was the best time to meet, thus the next meeting will be on October 3rd at 8am, location TBA.