Time: 12:00 am

Present Kelly Carlin, Mark Kanazawa, Whit Jones, Jannel Anderson, Bruce Anderson, Lizzy Shephard, Rob Lampaa, Vera Chang, Gary Wagenbach, Steve Spehn

Absent Kirk Campbell, Anne Ulmer, Dennis Easley

Secretary: Whit Jones

Communication – Vera, Lizzy, Mark, Gary, Tim

Transportation – Bruce, Dennis, Jannel

Paper – Kelly, Anne
– Print management software implementation will take place over the summer.
– Higher costs continue to prevent the transition to 100% PCW paper. In light of the fact that Carleton has limited bargaining power, consideration should be given to collaborating with other colleges or large institutions in southern Minnesota.
Carbon Neutrality – Whit, Eric, Mark, Rob, Bruce
– Worked on preparing the first project for the Sustainability Revolving Fund
– Preparing a letter for the capstone group to deliver to Fred, Steve, and the Administrative Council

The EAC Charter
– The charter was reviewed and final revisions will be presented at the next/final meeting.
– Substantial consideration was given to inviting a current member of the college Administrative Council to join the EAC next year.

Letter to all Departments and Programs
– VP Fred Rogers requested that the EAC draft a letter to be sent to heads of Departments, in an effort to decentralize sustainability leadership on campus. Due to the time of the year, this letter and an accompanying survey will be sent out to faculty at the beginning of next year. Despite this, Lizzy hopes some sort of notice can be sent to Department Chairs.

Transition to Next Year

Budget Requests
a. Adam Smith – Summer Work for the EAC
– 3 weeks in August, 40 hours a week, $1113.60
– Preparing training packages for new Sustainability Assistants and working with ResLife to develop training for RAs.
– Gary and Mark have offered to advise Adam
– Approved!
b. SRF funding requests
– Due to limited time, the Committee agreed to meet once more this year. In the meantime, an interim SRF sub-committee will be formed to review current proposals

The next EAC Meeting will be May 31st at ¬¬__ in Upper Sayles.