Time: 12:00 am

Present Dennis Easley, Anne Ulmer, Kelly Carlin, Steve Spehn, Kirk Campbell, Gary Wagenbach, Jannel Anderson, Vera Chang, Lizzy Shephard, Whit Jones, Bruce Anderson, Mark Kanazawa

Absent Mark Kanazawa

• A dinner and discussion titled Carleton’s Energy Future will occur April 4th from 5 – 7 pm in the Goodhue Super Lounge. Fred Rogers, Steve Spehn, Carleton’s Energy Consultants, Bruce Anderson, and the Carbon Neutrality Committee will present and hope to receive input from the campus at large.
• Xcel is expected to begin the third round of funding for their Renewable Energy Development Fund in April. A meeting for prospective applicants is tentatively set for April 30th.
• “Northfield on 2021?”- Northfield Residents are invited to provide input to the Town Planning Commission this Tuesday, 7-9pm at the Northfield Armory.
• Lizzy, Steve, Vice President Fred Rogers and Dean Bierman took a Sustainability Field Trip this past week to visit alumni working in environmental fields.
• Eric and Whit successfully completed their Spring Break work-studies. They will be distributing their work in the near future.

Communication – Vera, Lizzy, Mark, Gary, Tim
– The committee met with the web developers and the design is done and looks great. This week they will be adding content.
– They are planning on publishing a viewpoint article in the Carleton about the Carleton’s Energy Future discussion.

Paper – Kelly, Anne
– The ITS print management software committee is narrowing down the systems that they would like to demo. Demo will probably occur during third week.

Transportation – Bruce, Dennis, Jannel
– Nothing new as of late, except Adam Smith wants to join the sub-committee!

Carbon Neutrality – Whit, Eric, Mark, Rob, Bruce
– Considered different committees or offices that could handle overseeing Carleton’s commitment to carbon neutrality. Still considering various option/reforms and they hope to present some ideas at the next meeting.

• Reminder: Each sub-committee is welcome to go out to dinner on the EAC’s budget.
• Our AASHE Membership Fee was paid – $1000
• The EAC has agreed to fund “the Stewsie Sustainability Award” for a selected student to be rewarded with $300 to attend a conference related to the sustainability and the environment.
• Lizzy brought forth a proposal to fund “Sustainability Dinners” during Earth Week. Due to time constraints we decided to continue discussion of this next week.

The next EAC Meeting will be April 12th at 4 pm in Upper Sayles.