Time: 12:00 am

Present Kirk Campbell, Dennis Easley, Steve Spehn, Mark Kanazawa, Anne Ulmer, Gary Wagenbach, Jannel Anderson, Kelly Carlin, Vera Chang, Lizzy Shephard, Whit Jones

Secretary: Whit Jones

This Winter we welcome Vera Chang as the new student representative and Bruce Anderson who is consulting with his new business called Sustainable Community Solutions.

Lizzy opened the meeting with some reflections on last term. She noted that a major accomplishment of Fall Term was improved communications. And she urged us to build on this outside of EAC meetings because we only formally meet 5 hours a term.

Review of Past Projects
Biodiesel: Jannel, Bruce
– This taskforce spent the Fall term researching sources for waste-vegetable-oil and considering the options for using it. The group is seeking new direction upon learning that a commercial biodiesel facility might be sited in Northfield.
– Bruce filled us in that Sunday’s Energy is still considering Northfield as a possibility and is quietly exploring the option.
– They noted that the taskforce met regularly every other week last term and this helped them stay on track.
Paper: Kelly, Anne
– Julia Burmesch is compiling data on paper consumption so that exploring the option of recycled paper can continue.
– Meanwhile an ad hoc committee was formed by ITS to look at print management software. The software would allow the college to set quotas for printing and possibly charge as well. Even without these measures this type of software has reduced paper use by 30%.
– Volunteer will be needed in the near future to demo the software.
– Anne has also been informed of software that allows one to read and take notes on the computer simultaneously.
Composting: Beth, Dennis
– Beth has applied for an EPA P3 grant that would provide $10,000 for a pilot Earth Tub project. We will not be notified about the grant for 6 months. Meanwhile Beth plans on applying for an NWF Campus Ecology Fellowship that could provide more funding. She also will work with SOPE to reduce food waste in the dining halls.
– Dennis submitted a budget request for a pulper. This machine would extract moisture from our food waste and reduce the volume and weight by 90%

Focus for this term
Energy: Whit*, Kirk, Steve, Rob, Bruce, Mark, Vera
– The college has already expressed its’ interest in reducing greenhouse gases with the Carbon Neutrality Value Statement, and the focus of this group is to figure out ways to reduce our GHGs from energy.
– This group was formed as a Utility Master Plan and an ENTS Capstone project on Carbon Neutrality are underway, so it will collaborate with these efforts.
– Tim recently visited Middlebury and suggested that Middlebury be a model for Carleton because the idea of carbon neutrality seems to be engrained in campus life there.
Transportation: Janel*, Bruce, Dennis, Rob
– This group will look into a number of transportation possibilities, such as replacing the campus fleet, looking into different fuels, improving public transportation, and exploring car-sharing.
– Bruce is consulting the college in this area, so the group will work closely with him.
Communication: Vera*, Lizzy, Gary, Janel
– This group aims to continue to improve communication on campus. This could involve improving the website, writing articles for the college papers or producing a newsletter
Paper: Kelly*, Anne
– This group will continue to work with ITS on print management software
– Earth Day is April 22nd and a series of events usually occur around this day. Student groups will continue to organize these but the EAC is willing to help out especially if events expand outside of the Carleton community
– Campus Wars will happen again during the month of February and the EAC will continue to serve as a resource for students organizing events.

* Denotes taskforce leader who will arrange meetings on our off-weeks.