Time: 12:00 am

Present Dennis Easley, Mark Kanazawa, Gary Wagenbach, Kelly Carlin, Lizzy Shephard, Vera Change, Jannel Anderson, Anne Ulmer, Rob Lampaa, Kirk Campbell

Absent Steve Spehn (ill)

– Dennis and others attended a presentation by Wastewise and learned about some food waste practices that could be applicable for Carleton. Subsequently a group met with Sodexho to talk about how this could work at Carleton.
– Tim Singer was elected CSA President. He hopes to have various committees on-campus present at CSA meetings, and is enthusiastic about having EAC be one of the first.
– Elise Elsinger, assistant to President Oden will be attending our next meeting.
– Steve and Lizzy sent a letter to President Oden and Vice President Rogers about our previous energy discussion, and possibilities for extending the conversation. Fred was enthusiastic about the possibilities proposed and plans to pursue them.
– The NWF Campus Ecology Fellowship was not awarded to the group pursuing composting.

Communication – Vera, Lizzy, Mark, Gary, Tim, Mathias
– Mathias and Vera visited the Junior Colloquium class to determine their contribution to the Sustainability website.
– Matt Ryan wrote a creative brief for the website and received feeback from the taskforce.
– Lizzy will be interviewed on KRLX about the EAC this upcoming weekend.
Transportation – Bruce, Dennis, Jannel
– The end of term goal is to create a write-up on fleet and grounds vehicles. It will cover what options could be replaced and what are the options for replacement.
– NuRide is still be considering as an option for car-pooling and car sharing.
– Fred suggested that the taskforce open a dialogue with Olaf about options for sharing fleet vehicles.
Energy – Whit, Steve, Eric, Mark, Kirk, Rob
– This taskforce has shifted its’ attention to establishing new construction and building guidelines. They have been examining a number of studies on the economics of LEED certification. These studies will be adapted to our region to make a recommendation.
– It was noted that the proposed Maple St. Dorm would have been LEED Gold.
– Tim suggested including ResLife in our discussions since future construction will likely be dorms. Fred said this has been part of the planning discussion.

Paper – Kelly, Anne
– The ITS print management software committee has stalled. The demo of the software will most likely occur during second week of Spring Term. In spite of the delay, implementation of the software is still planned for Fall ’07.
– The print management software is estimated to cost $50,000. ITS has an interest in recouping these costs.
– It is estimated that 100%-recycled paper would cost $13,000. The savings from the print management software will not necessarily be applied to purchase of recycle paper. The taskforce will look into other suppliers and cheaper prices. Kelly suggested that it might also be possible for the EAC to pitch-in on the purchase of the recycled paper into ITS recouped the costs of the print management software.
– Lizzy wondered if the purchase of recycled paper would be the best use of $13,000.
– An article was published in Feb. 16th in the Carletonian on print management software.

Other agenda items
Work-study proposal
– Eric and Whit proposed a work-study to work on sustainability projects during spring break. Researching the non-monetary benefits (PR, reputation, attracting students, donors, etc.) and developing an alumni network for EAC and ENTS were the most favored proposals.
– Mark and Rob volunteered to advise them during spring break.
– The EAC approved a work-study of 30 hours each at the student worker wage.
Sustainability Policy
– The committee discussed generating a Sustainability Possibility for Carleton.
– Lizzy introduced us to other schools sustainability policies.
– There was a consensus that this would be useful for Carleton and that we should continue discuss how such a policy would be formed.

The next EAC Meeting will be March 8th in the Sayles Hill Lounge.