Location: Sayles Hill 251

Time: 12:00 pm

Present Sharon Akimoto, Rika Anderson, Mathias Bell, Dennis Easley, Jen Everett, Jason Lord, Chris Petit, Richard Strong, Gary Wagenbach

Absent Kirk Campbell, Bessie Schwarz, Bucky Zietz

Secretary: Chris Petit


~ Meeting for the rest of the term determined to be on common time every other Thursday of the term except the last meeting will be on Tuesday before the last day of classes


~Working groups

Past Initiatives/Issues:

Sustainability initiative:

– Academic/Sustainability draft update

– Facilities/Building/Grounds – working on putting together internal audit

Paper updates:

~ Update on paper – 30% recycled the default paper use


~ Watson House – Richard say that an L-shape building will be built surrounding Chaney House. Green Architect hired. Building will have 50% less energy use than average housing on campus


– Purchasing renewable energy for campus – No, Looking to produce more


– Green Cleaning Products – Kirk to email EAC list of what Carleton uses

– Food Service containers: biodegradable, returnable plastic, Styrofoam

– Sustainable campus dining – contact Joe Winegardner for this and above.

New Initiatives:

Working Groups: 5 working groups were formed

  • Sustainability Initiative
    • Development
    • 100-year plan
    • Sustainability Coordinator/Office
    • Watershed
  • Energy
    • Emissions
    • Wind turbine
    • Transportation
    • CFL
    • Building
      • Water run off’
      • Indoor air quality’
  • Food
    • Sodexho
    • Local & Organic
    • Composting
  • Material Streams/ Procurement
    • Bookstore
    • Paper
    • Waste
    • Furniture
    • Cleaning supplies
  • Communications
    • Events
    • Student Environmental News Column
    • New Student Week
    • Sustainability Student Wellness Advisors
    • Green Map of Campus
    • Sustainability Website
    • NNB “Useful” Environmental Fact


~Jason Lord did a Carleton emissions assessment. Draft still being revised

Green Fund:

~ Meeting with Fred Rogers


~ Bio-diesel for fleet

Paper use:

~ Introducing student knowledge and accountability. Paper management system. Use of 100% post-consumer recycled paper


~ Sodexho

Campus Sustainability Day:

~ October 26

Energy Month:

~ October

Next meeting:

Thursday, Oct. 6, 12:00pm-1:00pm