Location: Sayles Hill 253

Time: 12:00 pm

Present Sharon Akimoto, Rika Anderson, Mathias Bell, Dennis Easley, Jen Everett, Jason Lord, Chris Petit, Bessie Schwarz, Richard Strong, and Gary Wagenbach

Absent Kirk Campbell

Secretary: Chris Petit

Old Business:

Work Group Report:

Report on meetings of workgroups and on decisions made about each groups’ priorities for the term and the year

  • Sustainability Initiative – Leader: Rika Anderson
    • 100 year plan
      • other school comparisons
    • Sustainability coordinator
      • Which committee approves proposal?
      • Who do we turn the proposal in to?
      • Who is going to fund it?
      • Where do we get additional funds?
  • Energy – Leader: Jason Lord
    • have not met
  • Food – Leader: Gary Wagenbach
    • have not met
    • Anne Burmaster will be a co-leader of this committee
  • Material Streams/ Procurement – Leader: Dennis Easley
    • surveys of trash cans in Myers
  • Communications – Leader: Mathias Bell
    • Sustainability website
      • met with Jaye Lawrence and Matt Ryan
      • in progress
    • Green map
      • in progress
    • New student week
      • need an environmental history of Carleton for incoming students to read
    • Sustainability SWAs

Educational Associate Updates

~Meeting with Bev Nagel, Fred Rogers, and Rob Oden about Sustainability Coordinator

~Meeting with Sue Traxler and Dan Bergeson about paper management

~100% post-consumer-recycled paper. Met with Julia Burmesch

  • Lizzy’s working on it

~First Green Network meeting of the year – Thursday, Nov. 3, Sayles 251, 8:30pm.

New Business:

Workgroup composition:

~ Guests of this meeting are invited to join the EAC workgroups.

Sustainability Website:

~ Information on the development of this website

Green Fund:

~ Possible but need to talk with development people more.


~ Bio-diesel for fleet. National Wildlife Federation – Campus Ecology Teleconference on Biodiesel

  • low tech – water heater
  • need heated building
  • grade determination problematic

Paper use:

~ Introducing student knowledge and accountability. Paper management system is in the works with the one-card system. Met with Sue Traxler and Dan Bergeson. Need to ask about St. Olaf’s system.

~ Use of 100% post-consumer recycled paper – Mohawk Color Copy Paper from Unisource. Possibility of Yupo – synthetic paper.

~ Tim Singer and Mathias Bell (CSA) are working on eliminating campus-wide mailings


~ Sodexho

Next meeting:

Tuesday, Nov. 15 12:00pm-1:00pm