Location: Sayles 251

Time: 12:00 pm

Present Sharon Akimoto, Rika Anderson, Mathias Bell, Dennis Easley, Jason Lord, Chris Petit, Bessie Schwarz, and Richard Strong

Absent Kirk Campbell, Jen Everett, and Gary Wagenbach

Secretary: Rika Anderson

Old Business:

Work Group Reports:

Report on meetings of workgroups

  • Sustainability Initiative – Leader: Rika Anderson
    • Sustainability coordinator
    • Carleton Sustainability Goals
  • Energy – Leader: Jason Lord
    • Emissions assessment
    • Energy month competition
    • ITS resolution to take energy saving measures
  • Food – Co-Leaders: Gary Wagenbach & Annie Burmaster
    • Composting
    • Dining Hall
  • Material Streams/ Procurement – Leader: Dennis Easley
    • Monitoring waste stream
    • In-house waste management
      • spoke to waste management about a proposal for how we can reduce our footprint with waste management
        • fewer pickups
        • single stream recycling
          • gets more recycling into the recycling stream
        • contain spike for waste in June for end-of-the-term moving out, graduation, and reunion
    • Furniture
  • Communications – Leader: Mathias Bell
    • Sharon Akimoto will be the new leader for this group next term since Mathias will be abroad
    • Sustainability Website
      • recruiting for writing articles
      • Jonathan Wichmann volunteered to help with the website and knows website design
    • New Student Week
      • Met with Hudlin who wants to convene a New Student Week committee to work on implementing the proposal
    • NNB useful fact

New Business:

EAC Budget Guidelines:

~Report from sustainability initiative group/EAC subgroup

  • Suggestions for the budget guidelines will be incorporated and presented at the next meeting

Carleton Sustainability Goals:

~Report from sustainability initiative group/EAC subgroup


~Proposal to endorse/support clean air initiative through a letter of support

Paper use:

Energy Use of Computers:

~Draft presented by the Energy Workgroup


~ Bio-diesel collaboration with Olaf



Workgroup composition:

~ Guests of this meeting are invited to join the EAC workgroups.


~ Jake Gold requested a recommendation from the EAC for a student work position to work in the student organic garden for spring and fall terms

  • Possibility of a PE course
  • funding possibilities: grounds, PE, ENTS, Dean of the College
  • Statement: The EAC fully endorses the student worker position(s) of organic garden planner starting in spring 2006
  • Approved: unanimously

Meeting schedule for next term: Every other Thursday starting March 30

Next meeting: March 30, 2006