Location: Sayles Hill 251

Time: 12:00 pm

Present Sharon Akimoto, Rika Anderson, Mathias Bell, Dennis Easley, Jason Lord, Chris Petit, Bessie Schwarz, Richard Strong, and Gary Wagenbach

Absent Kirk Campbell and Jen Everett

Secretary: Rika Anderson

Old Business:

Work Group Reports:

Report on meetings of workgroups

  • Sustainability Initiative – Leader: Rika Anderson
    • Sustainability coordinator
      • looking for funding through external sources
    • EAC Vision Statement and Charter
  • Energy – Leader: Jason Lord
    • Emissions assessment
    • Energy month competition
      • February
      • comparison to February of last year to determine largest percentage decrease per capita energy use taking into account degree days
      • Feb 1 is the energy forum at 7pm in Boliou 104
  • Food – Co-Leaders: Gary Wagenbach & Annie Burmaster
    • Composting
      • Ag Bag System
        • moisture control
        • thermostatically controlled
      • methane control?
      • need upfront investment
      • collection system
      • Earth tubs also a possibility
    • Dining Hall
      • 100% Fair Trade Coffee
      • Phased out styrofoam from the dining hall
      • Organic flour
  • Material Streams/ Procurement – Leader: Dennis Easley
    • Monitoring waste stream of Myers
      • Will present report at the next meeting
  • Communications – Leader: Mathias Bell
    • Sustainability Website
      • Matt Ryan is working on the template
    • New Student Week
      • President Oden seemed more eager about the idea

New Business:

EAC Vision Statement:

~ report from sustainability initiative group/EAC subgroup

  • had suggestions added to charter and will add budgetary information in the charter for next meeting

Waste stream:

~ report from Dennis Easley

  • has large upfront investment and long payoff
  • need to reduce the amount of waste we generate
  • capacity is 21 tons/week on campus and 1 ton/week off campus
  • need to see if containers are actually filled during pickup
  • 34 tons of commingled recycling (bottles, cans, etc) during an academic year
  • 6 tons of commingled during break
  • 101 tons of recycled paper during an academic year
  • 33 tons of recycled paper during break

Paper use:

~ Lizzy will present

  • 100% post consumer from 30%
  • Maybe ITS should supply students with Adobe Acrobat

Energy Use of Computers:

~ Volunteers?

  • Jason Lord — have computers timed to shut off at night
  • remotely update and backup computers on the network


~ Bio-diesel collaboration with Olaf

  • test kit?


~ St. Olaf’s composter

  • It is at its capacity
  • Maybe organize a field trip to visit it

~ Sodexho

Green Design Coffee House:

~ not present

Sustainability website — Sustainability goals for the college:

~ subgroup formed to work on this issue


~ Sustainability audits

  • recyling bins
  • energy use

~ Fundraiser through ReNew

NNB useful fact:

~ Jason and Mathias will continue on this issue

Meet the Earth sustainability award:

~ accepting nominations for faculty and staff

Workgroup composition:

~ Guests of this meeting are invited to join the EAC workgroups.

Next meeting:

Tuesday Feb 7, 2006