Location: Sayles Hill 251

Time: 12:00 pm

Present Sharon Akimoto, Rika Anderson, Mathias Bell, Dennis Easley, Jason Lord, Chris Petit, Bessie Schwarz, and Gary Wagenbach

Absent Kirk Campbell, Jen Everett, and Richard Strong

Secretary: Rika Anderson

Old Business:

Work Group Reports:

Report on meetings of workgroups

  • Sustainability Initiative – Leader: Rika Anderson
    • Sustainability coordinator
      • turned in proposal
      • awaiting approval
    • EAC Vision Statement and Charter
      • need to meet
  • Energy – Leader: Jason Lord
    • Emissions assessment
    • Energy month competition
  • Food – Co-Leaders: Gary Wagenbach & Annie Burmaster
    • Composting
    • Dining Hall
      • 100% Fair Trade Coffee
      • Phased out styrofoam from the dining hall
  • Material Streams/ Procurement – Leader: Dennis Easley
    • Monitoring waste stream of Myers
      • Have good data from last term
      • Will present report at the next meeting
  • Communications – Leader: Mathias Bell
    • Sustainability Website
      • In progress
    • New Student Week
      • Oden agreed, but did not feel NSW was the right time for this programming
    • Recycled Air
    • NNB “useful fact” ad rejected

Educational Associate Updates

~100% post-consumer-recycled (PCR) paper.

~Meeting with Joe Winegardner.

  • supports composting
  • will replace styrofoam cups
  • interested in having a student farm to produce organic food for the dining halls
    • dining hall will buy produce from the student farm
  • will allow students to research price comparisons between conventionally grown and organically grown goods and will switch where price is negligible

~Meeting with Liz Ciner –

  • Possibly adding the Environmental Statement of Principles to the Purpose of the College.
  • Need to talk with the Diversity Initiative Group.
  • Need to be a part of the Curriculum Review

New Business:

EAC Budget:

~NWF Campus Ecology membership renewal approved

EAC Vision Statement:

~Bessie and Rika started to work on this

Paper use:

~100% recycled paper, need to survey campus to see if we gain support

Energy Use of Computers:

Green Fund:



~ St. Olaf’s composter

  • It is at its capacity
  • Maybe organize a field trip to visit it

~ Sodexho

Workgroup composition:

~ Guests of this meeting are invited to join the EAC workgroups.

Meeting schedule for this term:

~ Every other Tuesday at common time starting Jan 10, 2006

Next meeting:

Tuesday, Jan 24, 2006