Location: Sayles-Hill 252

Time: 12:00 pm

Present Andrew Navratil (student/CSA liaison), Dave Holman (student co-chair), Tricia England (student), Phil Camill (faculty), Richard Strong (Dir. of Facilities), Kirk Campbell (Dir. of Maintenance & Custodial Services), Gary Wagenbach (faculty/Dir. of ENTS prgm)

Absent Dennis Easley (Superintendent of Grounds), Kelly Kollman (faculty)

Secretary: Lauren Miller (5th year intern)

Intro to EAC

~ Lauren discussed creation by Green Network, distributed list of past topics/projects

~ Richard and Phil discussed major past accomplishments: composting, wind turbine, tree-free paper

~ Some discussion (later revisited) about whether/how EAC should have some sort of mandatory review of certain college purchasing/planning decisions. This tabled.

EAC in relation to Northfield/St Olaf/EQC – how does the EAC relate to the Northfield and St Olaf communities?

~ Service learning projects: Lauren discussed liaisons with Northfield and St Olaf community members, and proposed service learning projects as a good way to connect and benefit all parties. Phil said ACT had been working on this topic and it might be good to get in touch with them.

~ EQC questions: Daniel Jones brought two potential questions for student research: spread of tree diseases via chipping and compare/contrast burning v. chipping yard waste

~ Parking – Richard asked if questions about parking regulations/ordinances would go through the EQC prior to City Council. Some debate –> yes.

Environmental Audit Response ~ Last year 5 Carleton students completed an environmental audit of Carleton for their ENTS capstone projects. Richard and Lauren proposed that EAC determine some good responses/follow-up to items in this document. Lauren needs to locate the document – Ari had it, but all she had so far was a list of topics.

Building at Carleton ~ Phil proposed that this is one of the biggest topics, with the Art Museum to be built. Suggested we have goals such as all buildings zero emissions, MN Sustainable guidelines should be a minimum baseline.

~ Richard recommended EAC become part of the building committee for the Art Museum. VOTED in favor.

Composting/Local food ~ Pete Sanburg was to attend to discuss St Olaf’s composting plans but didn’t make it. Richard thinks our most likely course of action is to coop with them and give them our compost. St Olaf may get milk supplied by local dairy.

Service Learning/Global Change Class ~ Phil will be teaching. A number of student projects relevant to Carleton’s awareness policies on energy use.

Alums ~ How to use as resource, besides money. St Olaf alum may help set up Olaf with their own cattle herd, for example. Mentoring program? Contact Career Center.

Some main goals this year and loose assignment of people to monitor:

Ø Building at Carleton – see above. Richard to report on EAC’s involvement w/building committee

Ø Composting and Local food – Richard on composting

Ø Green Energy – Dave to look into subsidized solar panels

Ø Paper Use – Phil and Kelly? Look into educating Departments

Ø Service Learning – Lauren – contact ACT ofc.

Next Meeting ~ Next week! Thursday, Oct 7, 12:00-1:00, Sayles-Hill 252.

add’l: EQC ~ Lauren and Daniel Jones decided that it probably works best for the ENTS Ed. Assoc. to attend EQC mtgs and report to them as necessary, and not to create additional EQC liaison to EAC.

Adjourned ~1:05