Location: Sayles-Hill 252

Time: 12:00 pm

Present Andrew Navratil, Dave Holman, Tricia England, Phil Camill, Richard Strong, Kirk Campbell, Gary Wagenbach, Kelly Kollman

Absent Cailey Gibson, Dennis Easley

Secretary: Lauren Miller

On last meeting/minutes:

~ feedback, if any. Note – minutes from last two meetings yet to be posted. May not be posted til after meeting with Matt Ryan (Web Development), due to website updating.

Campus Ecology:

~ Campus Ecology is a group formed by the National Wildlife Federation to unite college and university campuses in environmental/sustainable development/related issues. (More info at http://www.nwf.org/campusecology/). Last meeting, Lauren proposed enrolling Carleton at the Campus Enrollment level, which includes 10 individual enrollments, for 2004-2005.

~ Enrollment forms; we can choose up to 3 “focus issues” from the “List of Issues”:

Community Liaisons:

~ St Olaf: Dave/Lauren to contact/share minutes; Phil w/faculty?; ~ Richard w/Pete Sanburg et al.?


~ Olaf: What do we need to do, if anything, while waiting to share Olaf’s composting? Can we do anything to facilitate this process?

~ Northfield Community Composting Project: Joey Robison interested in meeting – we’ll deal with this in study group of Dennis, Richard, and Lauren.

Building at Carleton:

~ Lauren, Phil, and Richard working on draft of building principles.

~ SCUP (Society for College and University Planning) audiocast: Oct 28th! $185 ($145 members) Richard and Lauren will describe. Here is link: http://www.scup.org/profdev/notravel/cs_sos.html

Paper use/recycled content:

~ SOPE progress – Lauren to report for Rika

~ info on printers/copiers? (Kelly)

~ no further info on staff contacts – sorry (Lauren)

~ any other news

Local food:

~ Taken up by MPIRG/SOPE as Local Food/Free Trade student project, w/ plans to work with EAC as necessary. Lauren, Emily Levine, Dave Holman, and Stacy Boots (MPIRG organizer) met with Joe Winegardner Tues Oct 19th to discuss past and present efforts towards getting more free trade and local food on campus. Good discussion; Joe cited insurance/audits as the major obstacles to buying local food, and stated main approach to dealing with these is to work with Food Alliance Midwest.

~ MPIRG/SOPE group will report to EAC when appropriate.

Solar Panels/funding and Alternative Energy:

~ Decide as a group if this is something we want to pursue w/EAC. If appropriate, form study group?

Aluminum cans ~ Quick question if time: who do we give our cans to?

Next Meeting:
Thurs, Nov 4th, 2004 (2 weeks from today)

Another meeting? Options: Nov 11 (1 week away), Nov 18 (1st reading day), or no meeting – will email