Location: Sayles-Hill 251 (projector)

Time: 12:10 pm

Present Cailey Gibson, Dave Holman, Kelly Kollman, Gary Wagenbach, Phil Camill, Richard Strong

Absent Andrew Navratil, Tricia England, Dennies Easley, Kirk Campbell

Secretary: Lauren Miller

Meeting devoted to 3 presentations

1. Green Roofs:

Dave Holman, Jake Gold, and Jason Lord, presented on their green roofs project that they are working on with Richard.

(link to presentation)

2. Green Chemistry:

Paul and Gary (?) talked about Green Chemistry program at St. Olaf

  • said Green Chemistry an outgrowth of industrial processing, was based on bottom-line savings
  • 4 small fume hoods (over 50 students/section)
  • KECK granted $500 000, release time, summertime for students
  • Ionic liquid – no vapour press., salts that melt below room temp, catalysts so less heat req’d
  • Am. Chem. Society and EPA have joint Gr. Chem Program
  • 1 fume hood = energy of 1 single home – in real time

3. EFS West Sustainability and Higher Education Conference:

Jen Everett presented on her time at the North American Conference on Education for Sustainability

notes on conference