Location: Sayles-Hill rm. 253

Time: 5:00 pm

Present Dave Holman, Richard Strong, Kelly Kollman, Phil Camill, Tricia Englund (?), Cailey Gibson (?)

Absent Gary Wagenbach, Andrew Navratil, Dennis Easley, (Kris Vohs emailed to say he couldn’t make it)

Secretary: Lauren Miller

** = Action to be taken

On last meeting/minutes:

~ Minutes approved (note: Lauren posted both versions of Watson House resolution)

~ Please give Lauren any corrections/additions to minutes!!!


~ hOurCar presentation tonight 7-9pm, Olin 149


~ Student Motor Vehicle Policy: do we want to have any other involvement with this issue?

** ~ Lauren suggests at least coming up with some way of tracking it – Lauren to email Dan Hall

Watson House update:

~ Last week Rika suggested VP seemed confused by her reference to Watson House resolution.

~ Richard – VP’s main concerns were with the functionality/look of the building.

~ Phil is to contact ResLife about having an EAC member be on the building committee – we particularly would like to get some students on the committee.

~ Dave: ResLife doesn’t want an interest house (as per his mtg with Bucky and Steve Wisener), although Dave argued that interests houses contribute far more to campus than town houses.

~ Richard: the new house to be built in place of Watson will have space for a Green House.

** ~ Dave to email Bucky to pursue this matter

Paper updates:

~ Mar 7 College Council meeting cancelled; next meeting is April 11 – Lauren to email Jamie Anthony and Jane Nelson to get us on the agenda. A subgroup can put together a proposal and maybe an additional info sheet before then. Group: Kelly, Lauren, Cailey, Dave, Terin.

~ Kelly, Lauren, and Cailey to present, maybe Terin. Anyone else welcome.

~ Terin presented on feedback from Loretta Springer. Apparently Printing and Mailing thinks administrative assistants know more that administrative assistants seem to.

Her take is that the admin assistants and many of the administrative offices want their paper as bright as it can be. Printing and mailing asks them what they want and they consistently say virgin. Loretta mentioned that they are now looking for the brightest recycled and that recently they were using High impact grade paper (?) which is aparently made from eucalyptus but that they can’t get it from their supplier. She also mentioned that they were once at 100% recycled paper but that it just caused huge printing problems.They went to 50% but there was no marked change and then they went back to 30%, back to what it was before.

In short: it’s about the demand for aesthetics.

** ~ Suggested: presenting at staff meetings, maybe a letter of information to admin ass’ts.

~ Kelly: policy is unclear

~ Jen: Use of recycled paper (not to mention chorine-free) should be college policy.

** ~ Dave: suggests we present to CSA as well (meeting April 11, 7pm) to get them to endorse a paper policy. He can put us on the agenda. SOPE members could help present.

~ Jen: We should also present at faculty mtgs to raise awareness.


** Kelly – invite Julia Burmesch to first EAC mtg next term.

** Terin – research recycled vs. non-recycled environmental impacts, and email Randy

** Phil/Jen – find out about presenting at FAC meeting next term

** Lizzy – check out various vendors for recycled options/costs

** Lauren – find out about vendors, policies from Campus Greening list, look into SAC mtgs?

** Chris – Find out about U of Oregon policies and practice (100% recycled)

** SOPE – draft letter to Administrative Assistants for beginning of next term? Create brochure?

**** Meeting scheduled Wednesday of 1st week, 9pm to prepare for College Council and other meetings.

Sustainability initiative

Subgroups… short on time. The following is a mini-report from Facilities – Kirk.

Sustainability sub groups: three of us in Facilities have met and put together a list of questions that Facilities operations and project managers should be asking- some specifics about what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and what other ways could things be done when looked at through a green filter. I brought our first version to the last meeting, but we were running short on time. It is still a work in progress. We should have something put together shortly to get started, but the overall process for Facilities will be a long one.

Goals for the term

~ Paper policy

~ Articulated sustainability policy – including building policy.

Spring term schedule:

~ Second Thursday – April 7th, 5:00pm. Thursdays at 5 thereafter.

Please give Lauren feedback about EAC this year, if you have any!

Have a great break!