Location: Sayles-Hill 252

Time: 12:00 pm

Present Phil Camill, Richard Strong, Kirk Campbell, Dennis Easley, Kelly Kollman, Dave Holman

Absent Gary Wagenbach, Andrew Navratil, Tricia England

Secretary: Lauren Miller

** = Action to be taken

On last meeting/minutes:

~ Lauren announced her posting of the rest of the minutes of 2004, as well as all minutes from past years that she was able to locate. She requested assistance from the group with the minutes of 11-04-04, asking Dave to supply the ppt document of their Green Roofs presentation and asking general members to help supply information on who some of the extra attendees of that meeting were.

Meeting times:

~ Kelly stated that Thursday at common time was difficult for her because of classes on either side; Lauren and Phil have similar schedules. Several alternatives discussed; a vote taken to move meetings to 5pm Thursdays (8am was the 2nd choice at the time).

Udall Scholarship:

~ Kelly announced that this is the selection time for nominees for the Morris K. Udall Scholarship, and asked for ideas and/or help increasing the number of applicants this year. The NNB was suggested. Phil and Lauren also agreed to help with publicity; Lauren to meet with Kelly.

Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs:

~ Richard and Kirk announced that Facilities would like to sponsor distribution of CFL to students, would like to work with Green House. Can Green House distribute/publicize?

** Lauren thinks so, can email Gr. Hs.

** Dave suggested finding out what the bookstore offers, and if they have any interest in participating.

Long-term priorities at Carleton – where is the College heading? – (Main topic for rest of meeting)

~ Lauren introduced as overall priorities, esp. what our overall goals this term are, and brought up the questions Dennis asked in his email:

× “what is the largest non-green thing that the College does, and what will it take to fix it?”

× “what is the best environmental/ educational project that the College could pursue?”

× “if you have X amount of money to spend, what is the best use of those funds from a green perspective?”

~ Dennis clarified that he really meant long-term – i.e. over the next several years.

~ Phil: Sustainability efforts – We should examine vision statements, how do we change the paradigm of how Carleton works? We are on the cusp of a capital campaign, should integrate our plans. New buildings! – we want a new “business as usual” model. We want buy-in from not only EAC, Budget and Planning, trustees, administration, etc.

~ Jen: Want to include curricular review and academics in this as well.

~ Rich: Something that came out of the conference in Oregon last term (he and Lauren attended) was the emphasis that we want to change the mental model – identify what is the mental model?

~ Phil: Need to permeate everything: what kind of entity would this be? Have a big PR campaign, so people think of sustainability efforts not as a set of sacrifices, but as improvements. Art museum is an important opportunity, as the next building project; need to funnel all planning through a sustainability filter.

[Post-meeting NOTE – Watson House is due to be taken down this summer, and a residence built in its place, so that will be next building project]

Meet the Earth

~ Lizzy discussed how this effort coincided very well with a project she was working on with members of Farm House, Green House and SOPE – Meet the Earth, scheduled for Feb 19 2005. Will include workshops, music, party to celebrate accomplishments. To include education about sustainability. Multicultural Affairs has agreed to sponsor, should bring them to an EAC meeting?** Soliciting assistance from any EAC members interested… Jen will help, Lauren is involved in mtgs.

More on overall goals/role of EAC

~ Lizzy also brought up idea of work-study option for students to work on sustainability at Carleton.

~ Phil said we could do something similar with Independent Study options; Lauren noted that this might not be too hard to set up – just compile a list of possible projects, get interested faculty to agree to advise particular projects, and advertise during advising/registration time.

~ Richard brought up another idea from the conference is that an important component of motivating people can be having some sort of threat involved.

~ Phil suggested that cost might be a good threat – eg. with the windmill, with green buildings “We’re stupid if we don’t do this…” (Lauren: the threat might be stupidity/looking stupid? At a college…)

~ Jen suggested also the role of institutional ideals in this

~ Dave tried to bring things together and summarize the conversation – we want to:

× Create and support student initiatives

× Educate faculty and administration

× Guide initiatives of college

~ Phil: We need to address the question of the EAC’s influence – how big are EAC “teeth”? Are we an advising body or an enforcing body? …

~ Dave: We might want to set up some joint meetings with other groups…

~ Phil and others: College Council, Buildings and Budget…

~ Dennis reframed the original question of where we are/where we’re going:

If we were trying to give a State of the Environment at Carleton Address, what would it include?

~ Jen: how to get a good assessment of the College

** ~ Rich/Lauren: Carleton’s Ecofootprint; We did first Environmental Audit last year, need to find it!

~ Phil: Green Building only tends to cost 4-8% more; others (Kirk?) brought up that if it were something like safety, that extra cost would be a given. Jen noted that there’s evidence of benefits like safety/health, productivity, etc.


~ Cailey: SOPE is working on an educational campaign, would like to work with EAC. The goal is to connect environmental entities, streamline news about projects, events, etc. Two parts of this might be setting up a bulletin board in Sayles and creating a website

~ Jen: having a physical space is very important to this.

~ Phil: Should have something on the Main Carleton Page! “Carleton’s Sustainability Initiatives” – link to site with links to all environmental groups/entities, their projects, the wind turbine’s CO2 saving info, etc. etc.

~ Dave: should talk to Colin McLain (?).

** ~ Phil/Lauren: Brian Koranda gone; talk to Matt Ryan, and/or Brian’s replacement.

Other Sustainability Thoughts

~ Lizzy: Yale is working on Community Based Social Marketing project. Should we apply for funds for something like that – for big social project… (?)

** ~ Jen: Tony Cortese is happy to come and meet with people; Jen will look into.

Next Meeting: Thurs, January 27th, 5:00pm, Sayles-Hill 253

(Note – all future meetings 5pm alternating Thursdays, S-H 253, except Feb 10th will be in S-H 251)