Location: Sayles-Hill 251

Time: 5:00 pm

Present Andrew Navratil, Phil Camill, Tricia England, Richard Strong (2nd half of mtg), Kirk Campbell, Dave Holman (1st half of mtg), Kelly Kollman, Cailey Gibson

Absent Dennis Easley (emailed), Gary Wagenbach, (Jen Everett also emailed b/c she couldn’t make it)

Secretary: Lauren MIller

** = Action to be taken

!!! = vote

On last meeting/minutes:

~ Minutes approved

~ Please give Lauren any corrections/additions to minutes


~ Meet the Earth Saturday, Feb 19th. There will be workshops, speakers, music, and honors.

~ RENew Transportation Meeting 7:30-8pm 402 Washington.

~ Kristy Jones of Campus Ecology would like more info on wind turbine project – Richard

~ Phil’s SL class – next discussion is next Wed, Feb 16th.

Paper use:

~ Kelly reported on Julia Burmesch’s correction of her paper stats. Printing and mailing’s paper distribution is not actually 65% recycled paper; the number is more like 29%, more similar to our initial guesses.

~ Group discussed pros and cons of conducting a phone survey: Rika wondered whether it was truly necessary now that we have this information; however, it was pointed out that we still don’t know how consistently orders are filled out – who orders what and whether they receive it.

~ It was suggested the College could have an official policy on this

~ **Dave thought this could be a topic for the next College Council Meeting – Monday, Feb 21.

~ **Rika and Lauren think we can complete the phone survey and get results by then

Watson House tear-down and construction of new student residence:

~ Lauren brought this up b/c of its immediate timeline – this summer? The EAC should address this matter and at least make recommendations, if not try to be part of the planning process

~ Kirk confirmed that it is scheduled to be taken down this summer, and a new residence built by the end of summer or fall. It will be a 3-story townhouse-like residence, about 5500sq.ft., housing 15-20 students

~ Discussion of how last-minute plans like this are difficult to approach in terms of sustainability guidelines, or any sort of planning. Lauren: how does this fit in with the 100-year plan? Kirk: It doesn’t.

[Richard Strong arrives]

~ Kirk informed Richard that we were talking about Watson House and potential roles for the EAC

~ Richard: It should be put in front of the EAC and we should pass a resolution

~ Richard: Get architect Rick Carter (sp?) on board. Also possibly architect of the Tofte cabin.

~ Phil: Is it cost-effective to spec out dif sustainability options

~ Lauren suggests that in interest of time EAC should vote on whether we want to pass a resolution; she and Richard can draft a recommendation for the VP/Treasurer after the meeting

!!! ~ EAC votes in favor

Lizzy: Candace Lautt wants to build a sustainability complex, and introduces David Davis-Van Atta

Institutional Research and Environmental Audits – David Davis-Van Atta

~ David states his interest in sustainability and his work in institutional research – the role of Inst’l Research is to hold up a mirror to give institutions information about themselves. He has been working with his counterpart at Dartmouth to gather and compile information on sustainability measures that colleges can and/or do apply.

~ Formed(?)/works with group HEDS = Higher Education Data Sharing. HEDS has about 12 schools on board and David thinks he could double that involvement.

~ David is interested in feedback from EAC regarding this project

~ Lauren: is this sort of self-evaluation similar to an environmental audit?

~ David: it’s an evaluation using existing measures of performance. He has looked at many measures, but not yet “gotten out the shovel.” Also interested in how particular colleges compare not only with each other, but with other existing industries. Interested in any help he can get in this effort.

~ Lauren: last year with 4 other students conducted Carleton’s first environmental audit. The Good Company was a great resource for this.

~ Kelly – EPA has good audits, private audit industry has burgeoned in recent yrs.

~ (?) Comparing data is difficult

~ Terin: emphasized the potential political benefits of comparison – competition, etc.

~ Lauren pointed out we had 15 min left

~ Richard asked if David wanted the EAC to endorse this project

~ David: not looking for endorsement, but appreciates any information or assistance with it.

~ David: issues of sustainability have shown up in discussions of the capital campaign. Participants in this discussion are aware that sustainability is an issue of increasing importance to constituents, and know that “we need to be ready to respond to demands of constituents” even though there have not been a lot yet. He hasn’t seen a dollar figure attached to these discussions yet

~ Phil: the dollar amount might be up to us. Self-auditing should be institutionalized – Jen’s draft of sustainability initiative

Sustainability – Voice article

~ Lizzy: Voice got back to her – they are interested in doing an article on sustainability @ Carleton.

Next Meeting: Thurs, February 24th,
5:00pm, Sayles-Hill 253

(Next meeting we will decide whether to have one final meeting on Mar 3 or 10th.

Mar 10th is the first day of Reading Days)