Location: Sayles-Hill 253

Time: 5:00 pm

Present Lauren Miller, Dave Holman, Kelly Kollman, Kirk Campbell, Tricia England, Dennis Easley

Absent Gary Wagenbach, Andrew Navratil, Phil Camill

Secretary: Lauren Miller

On last meeting/posts:

~ Feedback, if any.


~ Earth Week – events today:

– 6:30pm Farmhouse dinner/discussion – “The Future of Food” – Farmhouse

– 8:00pm movie – “The Future of Food” – Leighton 304

~ Tuesday, April 26th: field trip to WM recycling plant, leaving 9am from front of Facilities Building. Contact Karen Marshall x5959. Organized in part by Braden Kay

Paper updates:

~ Julia Burmesch, Director of Printing and Mailing, to talk about trends in paper use

~ Update College Council meeting and CSA Meeting

~ Brief summary of follow-up work

~ Schedule next College Council meeting and other meetings we should present at


~ Update from Richard; progress with students?

Sustainability initiative – (much like last term)

~ Reports from sustainability subgroups

– Academic/Sustainability – update on meeting w/DOC & Kristine Cecil

– Facilities/Building/Grounds – update

– Students –

~ How can we put all of these ideas into presentable form

~ draft TIMELINE: Where we are this year, what we want accomplished by the end of the year, next year, etc.

End-of-year report

~ And how we might otherwise want to fulfill our role as advisors to the VP/Treas.

~ Also – how to improve effectiveness of EAC

Next meeting:

~ Thursday 5/5, 5:00pm: next meeting in SH 253.

Please give Lauren feedback about EAC this year, if you have any.