Location: Sayles Hill 251

Time: 5:00 pm

Present Kirk Campbell, Tricia England, Cailey Gibson, Dennis Easley, Phil Camill, Andrew Navratil, Dave Holman (5:20), Kelly Kollman (5:40)

Absent Gary Wagenbach, Richard Strong

Secretary: Lauren Miller

On last meeting/posts:

~ no comments


~ 6pm dinner/discussion at Green House of energy use, appliances, etc. on campus

~ Campus ecology emails to respond to

– Green Cleaning Products – Kirk to email EAC list of what Carleton uses

– Food Service containers: biodegradable, returnable plastic, Styrofoam

– Sustainable campus dining – contact Joe Winegardner for this and above.

– ROSE program – Tricia to research

– Purchasing renewable energy for campus – Richard

– Purchasing wind energy, biodiesel, PV panels – Richard

Community Based Social Marketing – Lizzy: introduced CBSM as changing of behaviors and norms through social influence, trends, convenience, etc. She’d like to present when she returns from a conference this weekend, and work with the EAC to identify 2-3 behaviors to look at in Northfield. Possibilities – composting, paper use.

Green buildings:

~ Watson to be finished by August?

~ Carleton is apparently choosing “green” architect

~ ResLife not looking for EAC input, according to Dave. Not willing to have him on committee.


~ Carleton to subsidize Coop bus

~ Dave: Zip Car. Also recommends Will Toor, author of Sustainable Transportation

Paper updates:

~ Update on work over break/up til now – ie. ITS survey, student survey in works, etc

~ College Council meeting next Mon, April 11 – write proposal: Kelly, Lauren, Cailey to meet and write proposal based off of Dave’s rough sketch.

~ Julia Burmesch and/or Loretta Springer to attend next meeting – Kelly to invite Julia

Sustainability initiative

– Academic/Sustainability draft – proposal being worked on mainly by Jen, Phil, with some input from other ENTS faculty and Lauren

– Students: SOPE and bulletin board/website draft work

– Facilities/Building/Grounds – working on putting together internal audit

End-of-year report

~ Lauren brought up again the question of how the EAC can best make recommend to the VP/Treas. Clearly, there have been some difficulties in effectively communicating this role to him. Her proposal is a year-end report, including recommendations, accomplishments, goals, and plans to meet those goals.

~ General favorable response, in spite of work involved.

Next meeting:

Thursday, April 21, 5pm.