Time: 3:30 pm

Present Richard Strong, Chuk Kittredge, Dennis Easley, Sarah Mazur, Hannah Chapin

Absent Julie Klassen, Tsegaye Nega, Wayne Beierman – 3rd faculty member

Secretary: Alyssa Thomas

Wind Energy Update
Strong reported that the school district and Carleton are moving ahead with wind energy
There will be a community meeting Thursday at the NCRC where the public will be brought up to date on the projects and have a chance to raise any concerns
Strong is presenting to the trustees on Friday

Sustainable Building Updates
Strong reported on the status of using less paper for building related projects
RPs for the art gallery and the campus plan were sent electronically
Asked to return them electronically
It seems that many of the electronically submitted proposals were papers that had been scanned onto a computer
Art gallery architects were asked to include an environmental consultant if necessary
There will be an update on Severance Hall winter term
EAC should follow progress of buildings and at the end discuss whether environmental efforts were satisfactory
Idea was raised of an article in the Carletonian next term

Herbicide Use on Campus/Weed Management
Easley updated the committee on the college’s history of using corn glutten on athletic fields as an effective means of weed control (broad-leaf ones)
An herbicide was sprayed on campus this summer in areas where the weeds were getting out of control
Corn glutten will then be applied this fall or spring (and in the future) to prevent the weeds from returning
Kittredge felt that students were not very well-informed about weed control methods
Suggestion to do advance mailings/postings to affected areas
Senators will bring this issue up tonight at floor meetings

Composting Update
Mazur reported that SOPE is working on this issue
Facilities is trying to find smaller bins to fit the bags better
Need to see if signs in houses are still up
Someone needs to work on composting in dining halls since that’s where most of the food waste is

Print Cartridge Recycling
Thomas will investigate what CMC/academic departments do with old cartridges
Get the free bags for student print cartridges—put where students will use
Kittredge will investigate what the CMC does with old computers

Have a $8,000 budget to work with (thanks Richard)
Use for composting bags, other similar items needed in the future
Chapin brought up better labeling of the recycling bins
Too much confusion when have four different bins, different combinations everywhere
Chapin will arrange a meeting with Kirk Campbell to discuss this
Mugs for freshmen idea was brought up again
Need someone to spearhead this project (find a freshman?)

Other ideas for term/year
Kittredge brought up the idea of the college buying more environmentally friendly vehicles for use
Committee felt this was a good idea
Thomas will arrange a meeting with the relevant person(s) to discuss this idea
Informally decided to make energy use the “issue of the year”

New student co-chair is Chapin

Environmental Brochure
Chapin brought up that a large number of these brochures went directly into the recycling bins/trash cans
When distributing them in the future, have a separate box for them
Have student look through recycling/trash also
Having Admissions Office distribute them is a good idea
Thomas will follow up to make sure they are being sent out

Next meeting will be Monday, November 4, time TBA