Time: 1:45 pm

Present Julie Klassen, Richard Strong, Wayne Beierman, Dennis Easley, Sarah Mazur, Hannah Chapin

Absent Tsegaye Nega, Chuk Kittredge – 3rd faculty member

Secretary: Alyssa Thomas

Recycling Efforts
Chapin has talked to Kirk Campbell about better labeling of the bins, he said it will be done (no change noticed yet)
Chapin will talk to campus activities about a “recycling space” somewhere in Sayles
Agreement that the battery recycling needs to be better publicized
Discussion of other central locations for battery recycling: Burton/LDC
Chapin suggested we place an add in the Tonian (perhaps NNB)—next term
Decided that a small box for batteries could be put in all department offices and student workers could take them to Sayles
Thomas reported that all departments are recycling print cartridges
Will work on getting “recycling boxes” in dorms next term
Thomas suggested spending money to get nice, well-labeled containers for this
Strong will get Thomas info on where to get these
Tree Free campaign will be pursued—Mazur will make up a questionnaire
Mazur also suggested that the mug idea could be part of the peace coffee campaign several members of SOPE are working on

Mazur said she thought SOPE would be able to work harder on composting next term
Only two bins are being used much: Chaney Area and Dacie Moses
Townhouses do not currently have a bin, maybe look into putting one in back of Hall House
Composting in the dining halls could be a student capstone project (or perhaps global change project)
Thomas will send an email to the Green Network list early next term with opportunities to get involved with environmental issues on campus

Green Vehicles
Thomas reported that she emailed the person in charge of the college fleet but has not heard back
She will bring this idea up at her end-of-term meeting with Barbara Johnson
The committee felt hybrid cars would be the best option, but cars with good MPG would be the next best thing

New Sustainable Building
Thomas updated the committee on the results of the ENTS junior colloquium
There was an alum in California who had expressed interest in this idea at one point
Strong suggested that next term the students investigate where previously used materials could be found for use
The suggestion was brought up of trying to time its construction with that of another renovation project
Strong said there is no rush to build this
The committee can act as facilitators and make recommendations

Wind Energy Update
Strong reported that the School District and Carleton projects are moving along
The community meeting went well: high turnout and low opposition
The trustees were generally interested in this idea, but the presentation was rushed because of time
Projects will continue along and September 1 is still the target date