Time: 8:30 am

Present Phil Camill, Laura Hmelo, Richard Strong, Julie Klassen, Jamie Long, Ben Lum, Wayne Beierman

Absent Dennis Easley – 3rd faculty member?

Secretary: Jason Mulvihill-Kuntz

New Business:

Sevy Renovation

– HGA Architects presented an update of the Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide scoring summary for the renovation in the “schematic design” stage
– Have decided not to replace windows

· Idea to cover windows with a film that would make them more energy efficient

– Are using compact fluorescent bulbs in all lighting fixtures

· Some discussion about having timed lighting in dorm hallways (lights would turn off during sleeping hours)

– All wood for paneling comes from actively/sustainably managed forest

– Putting in recyclable carpets – include 25% recycled material

– All demolition & construction waste is to be recycled or reused

· Packaging materials will be minimized by requesting less packaging and for things to be blanket wrapped

· Facility fixtures and appliances (sinks, toilets, etc.) will be given to salvage center

– A higher post-consumer recycled content paint will be used

Environmental Brochure

– Long and Mulvihill-Kuntz have drafted a brochure and will be meeting with Joe Hargis in the next couple weeks to discuss printing options

New EAC Member Appointments

– Need 2 full year positions and 1 term position (Long gone in the Fall), as well as 1 faculty full year position (Camill on sabbatical)

– Options for student co-chair in the Fall term:

· Either have new appointee be co-chair, or have duty split so that Long assumes position upon returning to campus in the Winter

– Long and Mulvihill-Kuntz will discuss options with CSA President Luke Hasskamp


– SOPE (Student Organization for the Protection of the Environment) will be conducting an evaluation

· Would like to have meeting with facilities to discuss the future of the program

Renewable Energy/Green Pricing

– Xcel has come out with sign up/application form for small distributed wind generation purchase

· Meeting with St. Olaf, Carleton, Malt-O-Meal, City of Northfield, and RENew Northfield to discuss a joint purchase of a 2MW wind generator

· Sell excess energy at $0.033 back to Xcel

· Xcel allows 2MW per customer, so there is potential to expand purchase of generators by expanding the notion of who is a “customer” in the joint venture

– MPIRG supplied student supported petition for purchasing green energy

· Long, Mulvihill-Kuntz, and Thomas will present to Dean Steve Kelly

Other Business

– Replacing lights on campus with compact fluorescent bulbs campus-wide

– Use of chemicals on campus is minimal – some concern about recent application of Round-up to control noxious weeds

· Limited to local use; no use of pesticides or herbicides on campus

Meeting Adjourned 9:45am