Time: 8:30 am

Present Jamie Long, Laura Hmelo, Phil Camill, Richard Strong, Ben Lum, Wayne Beierman, Julie Klassen

Absent Dennis Easley – 3rd faculty member?

Secretary: Jason Mulvihill-Kuntz,

New Business:

Presentation by RENew Northfield Representatives

– Bruce Anderson and Chris Lu outlined their organizations goal to promote the development of renewable energy (wind and biomass) sources in the Northfield area, and provided information on the opportunities for Carleton to invest in these new energy sources.

– Are in contact with the State Energy Office, which provided RENew Northfield with monitoring tower for wind in the area

· Estimated that a 40 meter (m) tower with all additional equipment would cost $7,200, not $50,000 as originally thought

– Explained that institutions who have invested in wind power typically use what they need, sell the rest, and purchase during shortages

– There are federal and state government subsidies available for developing sources of renewable energy

– RENew Northfield is currently collecting data at a site in Northfield and a site in the Nurstrand area

– Typically when a turbine is installed, the land owner is paid a rental fee

– Xcel’s purchasing rate for wind energy (unofficial) is $.033/kWh

· Federal incentive = $.017/kWh

· State incentive = $.015/kWh

· Electricity sold to Xcel is valued at a total of $.065/kWh

– There is also a Renewable Development Fund, which is a potential source of funding for renewable energy development

· Part of Xcel’s settlement to put up money for each cask of stored nuclear waste

– 5MW of wind energy (generated from a 1.5-2MW turbine with a 33% capacity factor) could meet all of Carleton’s annual electricity needs

Green Energy/Wind Energy Meeting With Steve Kelly, Dean of Budgeting and Planning

– Jamie Long and Jason Mulvihill-Kuntz met with Dean Kelly to discuss options for Carleton to purchase green energy as well as the opportunity to participate in wind energy development

· Dean Kelly indicated that an addition to, or part of the student activities fee could be devoted to purchasing green energy, and that the College would be willing to match that amount

· This type of program could provide enough money to have 10% of Carleton’s energy based on green energy

· Purchasing green power from Xcel is a good way for the College to begin opening the door to the idea of promoting and purchasing green/renewable power

· This fund could be called a “renewable energy” fund, which would provide funding for green energy initially and could be converted to help the College fund the development of wind energy in the future

– Long indicated that it would be a good idea to set up a student referendum in the fall term next year to establish support and increase awareness

– Dean Kelly supports the idea of a consortium-based wind development project, possibly with St. Olaf and City of Northfield

– Dean Kelly also indicated that he would support the idea of a wind turbine if data shows that the project would simply break even

– Idea to have RENew Northfield and the City Government establish an “Energy Task Force” to help organize various interested parties and provide the impetus and backing for the idea at Carleton and St. Olaf

– There is some interest from St. Olaf, but it would be best to get every interested party up to speed and on the same page

– There may also be some corporate interest from places like Malt-O-Meal

Meeting Adjourned 9:45am