Time: 12:30 pm

Present Norm Vig, Jamie Long, Phil Camill, Julie Klassen, Dennis Easley, Laura Hmelo, Ben Lum, Wayne Beierman

Absent Richard Strong

Secretary: Jason Mulvihill-Kuntz

New Business:

Presentation: “Greening Carleton: Kyoto Now and Green Energy” – (presented by group of students in Phil Camill’s Global Change Biology class)

– Presented what other colleges are doing to curb their emissions and energy use, and explained that these initiatives are in line with what we are trying to do at Carleton

· Carleton is one of the largest energy users and purchasers in MN, so purchasing green power from Xcel Energy would encourage Xcel to promote and develop green energy

– MN has been a leader in establishing green power

· Largest wind energy farm, so programs have been initiated

– Xcel Energy and Green Pricing Initiatives

· Potential for Carleton to buy into

· Xcel’s program will be available in April

Ø Purchase green energy in 100 kilowatt hour (kwh) blocks

· Estimated rate increase would be $0.025/ kwh

– Kyoto Now campaign

· grassroots campaign; trying to achieve specifications outlined in Kyoto Protocol

· Outlined attempts and efforts by other institutions

– Green Energy at Carleton College

· Current rate is 0.03/kwh, so an additional $0.025 would increase that to ~ $0.05/kwh

· Idea that the college could make efforts to cut down on energy waste and use the money saved to cover the extra cost of purchasing some portion of green power

· Idea proposed to initiate a student referendum to garner support

Ø would create an extra $10-$20/student in tuition costs – could be part of tuition increases

· Right now, don’t know how long/how much have to buy from Xcel

· Could attempt to establish some form of cooperative purchasing

· The goals of investing in green energy fit with Carleton’s mission statement as well as the Environmental Statement of Principles

– Idea proposed to look for alternatives to purchasing power from Xcel

– Another option would be to remain in contact with the RENew Northfield organization

Renovation of Severance Hall – (visit by architects)

– Roxanne Nelson, from HGA architects, provided discussion about the planned renovations of Sevy

– Provided copies of the Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide Scoring Summary for the project, and went through each section with the committee

– She highlighted the different strategies used by her firm to achieve the highest conceivable score based on the design guide

– The score will be checked through the planning and design stage, construction stage, and the final stage of the renovations

– Idea to promote purchasing furniture made from certified wood – Wayne Beierman will find out if college currently does

– The architecture firm will work closely with the contractor to ensure the proposed goals from the MN sustainable design guide score sheet are met

– Score will be re-evaluated as materials are determined and contractor hired

– Idea to have the EAC observe the materials and construction during renovation

CSA Senate

– Section 8, Article 3 of the New Senate Constitution created an Executive Committee group, which would make important decisions about the direction of the college

– EAC was not included, but would like to be

– Gabe Fine and Jason Mulvihill-Kuntz will draft a letter to express the desire of the committee to be included in the Executive Committee group

Meeting Adjourned 1:45pm