Time: 12:30 pm

Present Dennis Easley, Laura Hmelo, Jamie Long, Norm Vig, Richard Strong, Ben Lum, Phil Camill, Julie Klassen

Absent Wayne Beierman

Secretary: Jason Mulvihill-Kuntz

New Business:


– Revisited campus parking issues (number of available spaces, location, demand, etc)

– Question was raised about any plans to increase capacity

· No existing plans to expand

· There is a City document that requires the college to provide one space for each registered student car and one space for every employee

· Would consider eliminating some parking spaces in future if demand remains below current supply and to encourage alternative modes of transportation

· Discussion of draining options, installed to slow runoff water (natural vegetation, permeable gravel/plastic parking surface, and retention ponds)

· It was suggested, and favored, that Grounds and Facilities watch the demand and supply issues in the future, and that the Committee revisit parking issues when the need arises


– Opportunity (this coming spring) for college to purchase “green” energy – most likely wind power

– Phil Camill expressed interest in incorporating campus energy issues into some of his student service projects for his Global Change Biology class

· A service project could provide broad-based support for the purchase of green energy by the college

– Question was raised about whether or not Xcel’s offer of the ability to purchase green power actually provides an incentive for Xcel to increase investment in alternative, renewable energy sources since the power purchased in their green purchasing project still comes from “the grid.”

– Committee may consider inviting a representative from ME3 (Minnesotans for an Energy Efficient Economy) to give presentation on energy issues and opportunities for alternative, renewable energy sources

– Question was raised about how we should discuss energy conservation measures?

· Suggestion to have tables outlining usage and potential cuts across various aspects of college operations

– Idea to have the Committee commit to a comprehensive plan for energy reduction and conservation

– Idea to engender community commitment to conserve energy

· Discussed potential of instituting some type of rebate option for students if campus wide energy reduction goals are met


– Richard Strong included the Environmental Statement of Principles and the commitment by Facilities to using the Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide on construction projects in the recent guidelines for hiring an architect for the upcoming new art gallery

– Idea to set a base level of standards for sustainable design that would be applied to construction projects and submitted to architects

– Discussion of potential possibility to incorporate geothermal heating in new construction projects

· BetterAir Company (local installer)

Environmental Building

– Need to organize everyone who is interested (Res Life, ENTS Program, Farm House, etc.)

– Determined that the Committee should have a strong voice in plans and discussion

– There are two main issues that need to be addressed:

1. ENTS Program space needs (offices, central space, teaching opportunity)

2. Res Life (student housing – with loss of Farm House)

– Other houses that are in need of renovation and could be alternatives:

· Watson House, Farm House, and Dacie Moses House

– Need to outline what type of building desired and the potential funding sources

Action: Jason Mulvihill-Kuntz will draft letter from Committee to Vice President Barbara Johnson, requesting that the Committee be a significant participant in the discussion and planning for a new environmental building

Meeting Adjourned 1:40pm