Time: 12:30 pm

Present Wayne Bierman, Richard Strong, Dennis Easley, Norm Vig, Laura Hmelo, Ben Lum, Phil Camill,

Absent Jason Mulvihill-Kuntz, Julie Klassen

Secretary: Jamie Long (acting secretary for Jason Mulvihil-Kuntz)

-Wayne distributed charts of the energy data pulled together by an environmental consultant
-162 billion BTUs in ’00/’01
-Wayne mentioned the increase of 16% in square footage since 1996, but still higher than previous years, even when normalized by degree day and square footage
-Wayne concludes that we must work harder at energy conservation
-Richard comments that we could reduce the amount of energy we put into the buildings
-Phil recommended comparing where we are at to other colleges of similar size, perhaps contacting before the next EAC meeting (St. Olaf, Macalaster were suggested)
-Richard mentioned that we had taken all “low-hanging fruit” and need to look at big issues such as system loss and operations hours
-energy position idea still in consideration

Sevy Renovation:
-consultants went through Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide with Sevy renovations
-many subtopics were non-issues for a renovation
-water strategies: Richard and Jamie encouraged looking into composting or waterless toilets, making sure we have low-flow shower heads with an on/off switch option
-energy strategies: energy efficient windows being put on building
-insulation was brought up by Richard, advised against by Greg who felt that it was generally not a good idea for older renovations, Richard recommended looking into the option further
-lighting will be flourescent, ceilings painted to maximize daylighting
-individual thermostats will be used to hopefully decrease heat use
-energy efficient appliances will be installed where possible
-consultants were not able to make it through the entire guide, and so will return for next EAC meeting

Jamie Long (acting secretary for Jason Mulvihil-Kuntz)