Time: 12:30 pm

Present Phil Camill, Laura Hmelo, Jamie Long, Norm Vig, Richard Strong, Ben Lum, Julie Klassen,

Absent Dennis Easley, Wayne Beierman

Secretary: Jason Mulvihill-Kuntz

New Business:

Art Gallery

– Reassert desire to incorporate aspects of sustainable design into the planning and construction of the proposed new art gallery

– Site yet undetermined (leading site is volleyball courts behind library)

– Richard Strong provided copies of the drafted building program, in which he incorporated the need for sustainable considerations in the construction process and familiarity with sustainable design guidelines

· Once accepted by the building committee it will be sent out

– The hiring process will begin next fall, with construction to follow a year from next fall

– Will be difficult to identify a gallery architect with sustainable design experience

· Would have to hire a consultant for sustainable design, which would be hired with advice from the college

– Consensus that sustainable design experience should be a high priority

– Site choice is main consideration in sustainable design

– Suggested that recently built galleries be examined to provide understanding of design possibilities

– Suggested that the building should be considered for multi-purpose use, rather than just serve as an art gallery

Farm House / Eco Center

– Norm Vig sent a letter to Dean Steve Kelly (CC’d to Barbara Johnson) requesting that the ENTS Program and the EAC be involved in any discussion and planning on new buildings

– Mark Govoni, Dean of Students, hosted an initial meeting with residential life, student, and ENTS/EAC reps about the building plans.

· Seemed to be focused mainly on res life interests over ENTS Program space needs, but still considering sustainable design – environmental building

– There is currently no time frame for building

– There is a potential source of funding for sustainable building

– Point raised that unless there is new construction of buildings, ENTS Program space needs will never be addressed as long as space is needed to house displaced students during the proposed dorm renovations

· ENTS space needs are not in the seventeen-year plan

– Suggested that there is a need for a formal discussion on concentration space and needs

– Consensus that the EAC should keep abreast of new building discussions and planning sessions

– Renovation of Sevy Hall in next couple of years

· Better heating and other higher energy efficiency issues addressed

· Energy star appliances for kitchens and lounges

· Lighting is compact fluorescent

· Potential reuse of some structural moldings, but don’t know what to do with most of the wood


– Facilities received study from energy consultant

– Carleton uses 140,000 btu / sq ft, which is very high

· Another similar college uses only 80,000 btu / sq ft

– Facilities will be checking energy efficiency of the College’s facilities and energy distribution lines

– Suggested that Facilities hire energy consultant to make recommendations on what the College can do

· There may be someone in facilities that could perform that function


– First week of off-campus housing composting program

· Some initial problems with the infrastructure and communication about the program

– Now, everything is in place – biodegradable bags for individual house buckets are ordered and on their way

– Pick-up will be on a regular weekly schedule

– The collected compost will be dumped out at the Farm House compost pile


– Considering changing the laundry fee to make it more expensive

– Will new washers and dryers be Energy star?

– Suggested that Senate look into front loading washers, which use less water and are more energy efficient

Meeting Adjourned 1:45pm