Time: 8:30 am

Present Phil Camill, Richard Strong, Wayne Beierman, Julie Klassen, Jamie Long, Dennis Easley, Ben Lum,

Absent Laura Hmelo – 3rd faculty member?

Secretary: Jason Mulvihill-Kuntz

New Business:

Student Representatives

– Need CSA to appoint/elect new student reps this term for next fall when Jamie and Laura are gone

CSA Senate Executive Committee

– Mulvihill-Kuntz drafted letter to the Senate, outlining the EAC’s wish to have our Senate liaison be a representative on the Senate Executive Committee

· Small changes will be made and the letter will be sent to the Senate


– Two sites used the most – there will be an ongoing advertising campaign about the existence of the compost system in the hopes that it will inspire people to use the system

– Long presented information about a composting system at Williams College, which includes composting in the dining halls.

· Food is scraped off plates, collected, and taken to local dump site where local farmers retrieve waste to use on fields (roughly 1,200 lbs of waste per week).

· The collection and dumping is student run

· Carleton would need to identify a composting site as well as several farmers who were willing to use the compost

· Strong will call facilities manager at Williams to inquire more about the system

· Question was raised about whether or not the dining hall provider participates by contributing kitchen waste to system?

Sevy Renovation

– Renovations are going ahead as planned – windows will not be replaced, but other energy saving efforts are being employed

– Idea to try more new technology, such as compostable toilets, to see how they work – Farm House was suggested as a good place to try a new system out


– Strong presented information about potential for wind power at Carleton based on recent figures from wind energy conference

· Recommended the need for further research and studies to determine possible sites, feasibility, and cost

– Suggested that the college sell its tax credits to pay for (1.7 for buying, and 1.5 for producing)

– Need to identify wind potential for our area

· Higher wind speed locations ensure more feasible development of wind power (ideas: Arb, McKnight Prairie, Southwest of Northfield, and East of Northfield

– Also the opportunity to join larger effort for community production of wind power

· Have invited Bruce Anderson to speak and field questions from EAC on local efforts to develop wind power

· Also need to coordinate efforts with St. Olaf

– The payback aspect of wind power development could be attractive for colleges

· Camill asserted that while you have wind energy, you are cutting emissions during years before the payback is complete

· Just purchasing green energy does not have the payback potential that investing in a local wind power system might (no payback option with Excel Green Pricing Program)

· Klassen indicated that there are opportunities for substantial educational benefits and elements of prestige for the college if it committed to developing wind power

· Camill asserted that if the payback on such a system was less than thirty years, that the college should go for it – no convincing argument against

– Suggestion to examine energy potential at 10.5 mph (average for area) to determine feasibility

– These types of decisions are based on values, and therefore should be presented to the trustees in such a way

· Carleton is “off the charts” in terms of its energy consumption (more on par with larger research institutions), therefore efforts to mitigate that high level of consumption would save money currently spent on energy

· Klassen suggested the EAC draft a strong position on alternative energy sources, based on concrete data and analyses of that data

· Camill and Strong will work with data to produce various scenarios concerning payback times and energy distribution (confidence figures) to show that such a plan makes both good economic and environmental sense

Green Energy Purchasing

– Xcel still has not set price for green energy purchasing option

– Discussion concerning whether or not college would pay more to purchase green energy

– Decision to talk with Dean Steve Kelly about different student funding options

– Strong outlined some of the efforts that are lined up for next year for energy at Carleton

· Working on plan

· May have an audit for energy consumption (?)

§ The White Group (consultants) will provide recommendation for where to direct initial efforts to mitigate energy consumption

Meeting Adjourned 9:45am