Time: 9:00 am

Present Phil Camill, Laila Parker, Richard Strong, Laura Hmelo, Dennis Easley, Wayne Beierman, Julie Klassen, Ben Lum

Secretary: Max Wilson

Old Business

Construction Progress

New Student Townhouses

the refrigerators and ranges are all energy star certified

other sustainable features include linoleum, hardy board siding

lighting was selected with student preference in mind

in bedrooms overhead lighting was chosen

in living rooms / common area task lighting was emphasized

Dow and Hall have been moved to central utilities which will be more efficient than they previously were

12 foot wide walks were decided upon due to concerns about moving emergency equipment as well as the fact that this will be a high pedestrian traffic area

Academic and Dining Building

recycled carpeting will be used

motion sensors will be used in classrooms and offices to turn off lights when the areas are not in use

to complement daylighting most efficiently there will be light level sensors which will dim and brighten artificial light so that lighting indoors remains at a constant level

Landscaping will be installed to reduce the amount of light which is allowed to move toward the observatory

other sustainable features include linoleum, day lighting, use of concrete for main structural support


Upcoming building projects include a determination of what is going to happen with the music and drama center

Work will begin this summer on either Severance Hall or Evans

Snack Bar Mug Use

This project was begun at the end of last year in an effort to reduce the amount of waste generated at the snack bar as well as to reduce the amount of food waste brought into the library – those involved last year were Sam Demas, Hannah Chapin, and Max Wilson

Various options were discussed last year for reducing the amount of waste generated at the snack bar including:

-using china ~ this is not a possibility at present due to the contracts Marriott workers hold and the fact that there are no facilities for cleaning china nearby

-increasing the price differential between when you purchase a beverage in a non-reusable cup provided by the snack bar and when you bring your own cup (preferably a travel/recycle mug) This would have to be publicized

-making travel/recycle mugs more available on campus by giving them away at the beginning of the year to new students as well as subsidizing the cost of mugs to students either from college money or from the revenue created by increasing the price differential

we discussed the possibility for a pilot trial of increased prices

we talked about possible sources of funding for the mugs sources identified include:

1) the libe Alumni Annual Fund

2) other groups who give away free-bees during new student week

it was suggested that we relate the price differential to something such as the cost of disposal of the cups – polluter pays plan suggested that this cost be researched

Julie Klassen volunteered to talk to the president of the faculty about getting faculty on board

it was offered that it might be possible to give out mugs at the opening of the new dining hall similar to the 2000 free frisbees which wereoffered for the opening of the rec center

Richard Strong mentioned that it might be possible to find some way to integrate china into the snack bar when the college remodels Burton

Max Wilson is going to get together a group (Sam Demas, Hannah Chapin, and Alex Cook (CSA), other?) to work on the possibility of mugs

Vending Machine Lights

Senate voted to have the company operating the vending machines on campus turn the lights off the senate president will contact the company and inform them of the decision

Campus Lighting Issues

Concerning the Rec Center

light from the rec center is negatively affecting the hill of three oaks and farm house

Dennis Easley said that he thinks that the light from the parking lot make a much greater impact than anything from the rec center cedars have been planted between the parking lot and the hill of three oaks

Dennis and residents of farm house are actively discussing solutions to the problem of lots of light reaching the house

Lights in the rec center fieldhouse should be off at night – Terry Rivers will be contacted about this

The water tower is now lit at night – think about ways to mediate light pollution here

It is likely that the field house will be lit at different intensities at different times of day depending upon the level of use and needs of various activities

Parking Ordinances

The parking lot between Hwy 19 and the river is definitely going in but steps have been taken to mitigate issue of runoff for the area

discussed the overall feeling on campus about parking

Richard Strong offered that the college is planning to do a study of parking and transportation issues

Julie Klassen pointed out that parking is a huge issue for faculty as well as students and staff

the Committee on Student Life is currently working on transportation issues

it was suggested that electric vehicles be looked at for use by the college

its generally agreed that this is an important issue for the college to look at with a parking and transportation being a valuable first step

Meeting Adjourned