Time: 9:00 am

Present Dennis Easley, Julie Klassen, Norm Vig, Phil Camill, Wayne Beierman, Laila Parker, Laura Hmelo

Absent Ben Lum

Secretary: Max Wilson

New Business

Waste Management Strategies for Events

At large and somewhat chaotic events such as commencement and spring concert it has proven very difficult to recycle because there tends to be both a lack of consciousness of recycling programs and because there tends to be inadequate facilities for the numbers of people moving through at the same time

The food packaging at commencement and other “box lunches” is not very environmentally sensitive – attacking this side of the problem could be seen as preemptive recycling

There are haulers who will separate recyclables from trash for a cost

Look at Jesse James Days waste management for possibilities

Suggested Possibilities:

– custom made lids for recycling

– large “in-your-face” labeling

– centralized trash and recycling

– staff trash and recycling stations to guide deposits

Establish a group of students willing to research possibilities for increasing recyclables yield

General Campus Energy Usage

The possibility of introducing solar energy to Campus was suggested

Wayne Beierman has had some experience with solar energy in Albuquerque in 1982-83 – at that point there was a 23 year payback although the equipment never made it that long – Photovoltaics had a 15% efficiency in 82-82 – probably 17-18% now

Marion Cass would be a good resource for looking at solar energy

Suggested that we should focus more on conservation of energy rather than alternative energy

– look at how and why energy is used currently

– train students and staff in energy conservation

– assign responsibility for making sure that lights and equipment is turned off when not in use

Cars identified as a big energy use

– students looking at college transportation issues for ENTS capstone

– it is believed that there is an official transportation study happening or in the pipeline

Wayne Beierman gave an overview of all of the efficiency measures currently taken by the college

-mentioned that bringing down the temperature in the Rec Center a few degrees would result in a significant energy savings

Meeting Adjourned