Time: 9:00 am

Present Richard Strong, Wayne Beierman, Dennis Easley, Laila Parker, Laura Hmelo, Phil Camill, Max Wilson, Julie Klassen, Ben Lum

Absent Norm Vig?

Secretary: Max Wilson

Buying Local With Marriott

Max Wilson’s report on Hendrix College’s local food program:

Hendrix College’s program in which it purchased the majority of its produce from local farms was discontinued when the director of food service who had set it up left for another job

Representatives at Hendrix said that there had been issues with quality and maintaining a consistent supply of produce

Not much information available as the program had ended several years ago and most involved with the program are no longer with the college

Bon Apetit – the food service provider at St. Olaf – uses apples from Fireside Orchards we should try to get in touch with them about why this arrangement is possible

Also look at the possibility of Carleton running their own food service program which would open up all sort of possibilities with buying local food and such

If we were to demand that local food be purchased how much would supplemental insurance cost?

Could we find a large distributor of locally grown food in the cities with the necessary insurance?

1) Garden of Eagan as a possibility

2) Roots and Fruits – warehouse type supplier in the cities www.rootsproduce.com

The decision not to have local food is purely economical – local food would cost everyone more

Possibly start small and look at using only those products which are readily available in the area

Sysco – the current supplier is the commercial side of the Supervalue company

Composting in the Dining Halls

Report on the discussions with Endress Processing – Wayne Beierman

Last spring their plant was destroyed in a series of 8 or 9 explosions

So far they have only gotten back up to process vegetable and grain waste

They will not be able to process anything with meat until next September if there is meat in the kitchen the waste must be processed in the meat line

It is estimated that we produce 600-1000 lbs. of food waste every day

Waste would be stored in 30 gallon containers on wheels lined with plastic

Waste would be picked up Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Transportation costs are roughly $25 per ton the only way to make costs reasonable is to find partners in town to fill the truck

St. Olaf, the hospital, and schools are possibilities for partners

Endress is not prohibitively expensive especially with foreseen rises in water/waste costs

Currently cheap water is exploited to an obscene degree

The costs of partnering with St. Olaf to build a composting facility are huge

Phil Camill’s class might look at this as a Service Learning project in the winter

Sustainable Living House

Should be used as a laboratory for determining the best sustainable technology

Will the $250,000 from the Luce Grant buy us much?

– would the college invest more into sustainable features?

– could this be the cost of converting an existing house?

– could we get additional grants form NAP and others?

How is the house going to be a unique learning experience?

– Incorporate a campus common area for ENTS/ENTSy meetings and events to be held

– make it a showcase and testing ground for new technology

— partnership with industry?

— make it easy to manipulate components to test new technology

– make the house multi-functional

– insure that students are involved in all aspects of planning, design, changes, etc.

Would there be demand to live there?

– in the recent past about 40 people have applied to live in greenhouse and farmhouse

Energy Use Reduction

A baseline of energy usage should be established

1) pre-rec center

2) with rec center but before Language and Dining and Townhouses

3) post L&D and Townhouses

standardize energy consumption to $ / square foot

A goal could be to try to offset the rising costs of energy through conservation strategies

Issues of controlling the temp in individual rooms local control v. central control – which is more efficient?

What can individuals do to reduce energy use and how can we get them to do it?

Use NSW to raise awareness of issues

Meeting Adjourned