Time: 12:30 pm

Present Laura Hmelo, Phil Camill, Dennis Easley, Laila Parker, Richard Strong, Jamie Long, Wayne Beierman

Absent Norm Vig

Secretary: Max Wilson

New Business

Sustainable Design In Evans

Max Wilson and Laila Parker reviewed the meeting between the architects for the renovation of Evans and members of Facilities and Res Life

The meeting consisted largely of working through the Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide and determining the goals for sustainability for the renovation

It was suggested that the EAC endorse specific points in the guide as especially important and worthy of extra expenditure

Suggested possibilities for recommendation included:
1) certified sustainably grown and harvested wood
2) recycled carpet
3) deconstruction and recycling of old materials
4) low VOC materials

It was decided that members of the EAC look over the MN Sustainable Design Guide and be ready to make recommendations at a later meeting

The possibility and usefulness of a rainwater cistern was discussed

– storage of the rainwater would be the most significant building component of this project

– water most likely used for irrigation fields currently irrigated from Carleton wells – no tax savings with cistern

– the feasibility of the project should be determined on a balance of resources

It was also suggested that the landscaping plan be looked at and native species encouraged

7 By 07

7 by 07 is an initiative for public and private institutions to meet the standards set by the Kyoto Protocol on their own

CarletonØs energy profile now is much different than it was in 1990

– much more cooling

– 18% growth in square footage

Carleton could attempt to meet the Kyoto Protocol on a square foot basis but even this might be difficult to achieve

Part of meeting the protocol standards can be buying or creating more green energy

The energy Audit that Wayne Beierman is currently conducting will be integral to this effort

An evaluation of the wind resources on the corner of Hall Ave and Hwy 19 was conducted in about 1990 by NSP and some Carleton faculty – Dennis Easley has a copy of the report

The question was raise of whether we should sign onto the official 7 by 07 effort if we have no rational expectations of meeting the requisite levels of CO2 emissions

Alyssa Thomas is going to talk to President Lewis and Vice President Barbara Johnson to determine their possible level of commitment to this project

Wayne Beierman will try to set up a meeting with a representative from Excel Energy to discuss green energy and local energy possibilities for a future meeting of the EAC

The question of how our recommendations are treated and handled was raised and it was suggested that regular meetings between the ENTS Intern and Barbara Johnson be established to review EAC actions and recommendations and to bring back feedback to the EAC

Progress reports to evaluate what the EAC has decided to do and whether we have been successful would be beneficial

Budget for EAC Projects

The budget for the coming year has already been approved

The budget is submitted in November and gets approved in March

The original thinking was that the budget could be used to implement recommendations or fund small research projects done on the EACØs recommendation

The question of how a budget could be best spent and what expenditures would best fit with the mission of the EAC was brought up

It was suggested that dedicating the budget for research might make more sense

Implementation of many programs would be ongoing and should be incorporated into the relevant departmentØs budget

Stadium Parking Lot Surfacing

Gravel Pave system was explored as an alternative to asphalt

– manages storm water runoff through its porous parking surface

The system is twice as expensive as normal paving

– much of this cost is derived from installation

– there is the possibility of cutting costs through using volunteer student labor

The system was brought to the buildings and budgets committee for review

The costs of the system might work out more favorable if retention ponds donØt have to be constructed

Gravel Pave is not interested in using us as a demonstration or test site

The parking lot for the new arb office might be a good area to test this product because of its smaller area and thus lower cost and because that area is unofficially a “sustainable area”

Meeting Adjourned