Rachel Smit ’99, the first ENTS intern, was formative in the creation of the Carleton College Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC). This committee was formed in the spring of 2000.

Patterned after Williams College’s environmental committee, the EAC is a standing college committee whose voting members consist of three students, three faculty, and three college staff. As stated in the committee’s bylaws, one of the students is a liaison from the student governing body, one of the faculty members is the director of the ENTS program, and one of the staff members is the Director of Facilities. The ENTS intern assists the committee by scheduling and facilitating meetings and following-up on issues.

The EAC is responsible for advising the Vice-President and Treasurer of the College in all environmental issues. The committee is unique because it is the only college committee that retains its own budget, which it uses for research and development of environmental initiatives as well as for increasing environmental awareness, education, and literacy on campus as well as in the broader community.

The committee addresses a variety of issues, including:

  • Development of alternative energy;
  • Campus wide composting;
  • Sustainable building strategies;
  • Tree-free paper;
  • Recycling;
  • Energy conservation;
  • Environmental houses;
  • Recycled paints;
  • The college’s environmental mission statement; and
  • Green purchasing.

The committee is evolving to be integral in all aspects of the college’s environmental life.