Meeting Details

Friday, October 16th at 8 am.  For the meeting link, please email Meetings will be recorded and posted on each workshop’s page.

Goal of Workshop 1.1

Provide a general overview of CAP progress to date and a look-ahead at the CAP 2.0 planning process

Tasks & Discussion Questions:

Review the planning process, context and expectations

How and when will we communicate Phase 1 outcomes to campus?

Who needs to review, endorse and/or approve the recommendations? 

Discuss Carleton’s progress since 2011, successes and challenges

Review significant technical, economic, political, and societal changes since the 2011 plan and discuss if / how they should be incorporated

Identify areas of greatest need for updates

Identify the big questions that need to be framed or answered  

Identify potential to align with other college plans and opportunities

October 16th Meeting Recording

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