Meeting Details

This meeting has been scheduled for May 25, 2021 For the meeting link, please email Meetings will be recorded and posted on each workshop’s page.

Goal of Workshop 2.8

Define how we prepare and support students pursuing environmentally-focused academic and career pathways

Tasks & Discussion Questions:

Discuss goals and strategies for:

  • Broad student engagement: e.g. sustainability literacy, sustainability course designations, sustainability core requirement, etc.
  • Academic pathways: e.g. environmental majors, minors, certificates, research, academic civic engagement opportunities
  • Career pathways: internships, mentoring, and job opportunities
  • Faculty support and development

Discussion Questions

  • To broaden environmental awareness, should Carleton implement an environmental literacy or environmental core requirement? 
  • What do students want out of an environmental education from Carleton? What specific components of our ENTS and ENTS-adjacent programs are especially strong or in need of further development?
  • Should Carleton offer an environment-related minor or certificate? If so – should it focus on environmental studies, sustainability studies, environmental humanities, or other?
  • How can Carleton better prepare its students for an environmentally-oriented career? 
  • What other approaches can Carleton take to expand the scope of environmental education at our institution?

Meeting Recording