Meeting Details

This meeting has been scheduled for March 5 at 3 pm. For the meeting link, please email Meetings will be recorded and posted on each workshop’s page.

Goal of Workshop 2.4

Update Carleton’s stance on carbon offsets and outline a path to reducing Scope 3 emissions

Tasks & Discussion Questions:

Discuss goals and strategies for:

  • Commuting emissions
  • Faculty / staff air travel emissions
  • Study abroad emissions
  • Carbon offset philosophy and strategies

Discussion Questions:

  • When we are ready to offset our travel emissions, should that be funded by individuals/departments or a shared fund from the college?
  • With Covid-19 expanding remote work and remote learning, are there any changes that the college should institutionalize? Should Carleton plan for an increasing online future and if so, in what ways?
  • Should Carleton only rely on self-generated sequestration projects or are we open to exploring offsets generated outside the institution?
  • What individuals/departments should be included in travel emissions and offsets evaluation and decision-making? 
  • What should the regular update to these goals and programs look like?

Meeting Recording