Meeting Details

This meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, February 17th at 4 pm via Zoom. For the meeting link, please email Meetings will be recorded and posted on each workshop’s page.

Goal of Workshop 2.3

Outline a path to responsible procurement and disposal practices for food and materials used on campus

Tasks & Discussion Questions:

Discussion Questions:

  • What kind of waste commitment(s) should CAP 2.0 include?
  • How do we define a “sustainable purchase” at Carleton? (ie. Cradle-to-Cradle goods, local, BIPOC/woman-owned) and what purchasing structures & policies would reinforce this?
  • What are we doing well with respect to waste outreach and education? What are our gaps or shortcomings?
  • How should we staff this work campus-wide? Who should be part of the group that manages consumption policies and practices?
  • How to build collective impact and achieve systemic change in the Northfield community in our waste district, and beyond?
  • What are the challenges to waste management from a user’s perspective?

Discuss goals and strategies for:

  • Food procurement
  • Food waste
  • Equipment, supplies and other materials procurement
  • Printing and paper consumption
  • Municipal waste (compost, recycling, landfill)
  • Surplus and move-out waste  
  • Other waste (construction, electronics, hazardous materials, etc.)

Meeting Recording

The meeting recording will be posted here after the meeting.