Meeting Details

This meeting is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 5th at 3 pm. For the meeting link, please email Meetings will be recorded and posted on each workshop’s page.

Goal of Workshop 2.2

Outline a path for Scope 1 and 2 carbon reductions

Tasks & Discussion Questions:

Discussion Questions:

  • As we begin taking the next steps to reduce our fossil fuel consumption, do any strategies stand out as things that should be prioritized?
  • Since these emissions are primarily addressed “behind the scenes” through Facilities operations, how should we engage the broader campus in research, policy development and decision-making?
  • For Scope 2 emissions (electricity), should Carleton rely solely on Xcel Energy’s pledge to provide 100% renewable electricity by 2050, or continue to explore on-site renewable electricity options?
  • Some of these technologies require considerable land use in order to implement them on-site at Carleton. Can we see dedicating 20-50 acres of Carleton land to something like a utility-scale solar PV or solar thermal array?
  • Should Carleton only consider on-site renewable energy projects, or would we partner with off campus projects to reduce our own emissions (e.g. an off-site solar array or landfill methane project)?
  • Should Carleton consider internal carbon pricing strategies such as carbon “shadow” pricing, ecosystems services, the social cost of carbon or other similar approaches when evaluating potential projects?

Discuss goals and strategies for:

  • Central plant energy use and renewable energy / storage options
  • Individual energy use (printing, equipment, etc.)
  • Building design and construction standards
  • Building energy conservation / retrofit opportunities
  • Campus fleet vehicle fuel consumption
  • Carbon offsets and renewable energy credits
  • Internal carbon pricing and future financial impacts

Meeting Recording