The 2011 Climate Action Plan

During the 2020-21 academic year, the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) reviewed the 2011 Climate Action Plan and delivered a report of recommendations to President Byerly and the Tuesday Group. We anticipate that sometime in the near future Carleton College will begin a process to update the Climate Action Plan per the following recommendations and other campus input.

During the 2020-21 review, the EAC did the following:

  • Review past progress and goals of the 2011 Climate Action Plan (CAP)
  • Identify gaps in the 2011 CAP and advise on how to address them
  • Recommend high-level goals and updates to the CAP sections  
  • Advise on how Carleton’s updated CAP should reflect the current context of elevated climate crises, a global pandemic and urgent calls for justice 
  • Recruit campus departments, committees, organizations and individuals whose expertise and input should be included in these discussions
  • Recommend which campus departments, committees or individuals should be responsible — over a longer period of time — for implementing the goals of the updated Climate Action Plan 
  • Once recommendations are compiled, support and assist with a broader campus communication, review and approval process
  • Provide ongoing oversight of the plan once it is updated by supporting the efforts, monitoring progress,and communicating updates to campus

To do this work, the Sustainability Office staff created a series of workshops intended to help facilitate this process. Phase 1 includes four workshops focused on the overarching CAP context and framework. Phase 2 includes “nuts and bolts” workshops that are focused on specific topics. For Phase 2 workshops, the EAC invite subject-matter experts and other interested campus constituents to help define appropriate goals for each CAP section. 

The EAC will conclude its 2020-21 work with a set of recommendations for broader campus review and approval. The EAC recommendations and workshop outcomes will then provide a basis for the actual writing of Carleton’s updates to the 2011 Climate Action Plan (to be completed by Sustainability Office staff and others, as needed). 

Phase I: EAC Overview Conversations (Fall 2020)

Phase II: Topic-Specific Conversations (Winter/Spring 2021)