The Environmental Advisory Committee Budget will be used for the following purposes:

  1. To finance projects initiated by the EAC
  2. To fund research projects or internships initiated by the EAC for future initiatives related to sustainability
  3. To fund student, faculty, or staff projects to promote sustainability at Carleton and in the local community
  4. To support education of the community in issues regarding sustainability or to increase environmental literacy

In a situation in which the budget is severely limited, funds shall be allocated in priority order as listed above.

Prior to requesting financial assistance from the Environmental Advisory Committee, requesters shall seek alternate sources of funding. Proposals should be submitted to the managers of the EAC budget prior to the EAC meeting, in which funds are requested, for committee review. Requestors are highly encouraged to be present for the EAC meeting in which funds are requested.

Requestors are expected to give the managers of the budget progress reports on the use of the funds so the EAC can ensure that the original intent for the use of funds is met. The requestor will present conclusions to the EAC meeting when projects/research have come to completion.

The use of funds will be decided by a majority vote of members that are present. A quorum of five voting members is required for a vote to be taken. The Director of Facilities and the Director of the Environmental and Technology Studies Program will manage the EAC’s budget and give periodic updates on the status of the budget as well as report any activity of the budget.

Approved April 18, 2006 by the Environmental Advisory Committee

EAC Funding Request

EAC Funding Request Form

The EAC funds various sustainability projects, events, and conference attendance. Please submit this form early as the EAC only meets twice per term to approve funding requests. For questions, email

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