The Campus Design Advisory Committee (CDAC) will serve as a standing subcommittee of College Council. The committee is to advise, through College Council, the President and the senior staff on principles and long-range perspectives regarding broad campus design and physical plant issues.

The CDAC will work to become familiar with the College’s past campus design plans and initiatives and then to understand current high-level campus design challenges and goals.

In addition to advising College Council, the CDAC will also help to communicate major campus design issues and decisions to the entire campus.


Faculty: Two faculty members serve this committee. Each are appointed by the Faculty Affairs Committee to serve a two year term. One faculty member is appointed to chair the committee.

Staff: Five staff members serve this committee. The Vice President and Treasurer, the Director of Facilities and Capital Planning, and the Associate Vice President for Communications serve in an ex officio capacity. One staff member is elected by the Forum and one staff member is elected by the Staff at Carleton. Each will serve a three-year term.

Students: Two student-at-large positions are appointed by the Carleton Student Association each spring to serve during the upcoming academic year. 

The committee does not require any specific skills or experience of its committee members.

Committee Work

The committee meets approximately once each term. In order to enhance communication and to become acquainted with the major campus design questions, the CDAC will meet occasionally with the Capital Funding & Priorities Committee, a group which makes facilities recommendations to the senior staff and to the Buildings & Grounds Committee of the Board of Trustees.