Voting members

Affiliated (with the registering institution)

  • Eric Egge (Carleton Professor of Mathematics and Associate Dean of the College), Chair of the IBC
  • Chris Calderone (Carleton Associate Professor of Chemistry)
  • Patrick Ceas (St. Olaf Chemical Hygiene Officer)
  • Jean Porterfield (St. Olaf Associate Professor of Biology), Animal Expert
  • Wade Schulz (St. Olaf Biology Stockroom Manager)
  • Jennifer Wolff (Carleton Associate Professor of Biology)
  • Stephan Zweifel (Carleton Professor of Biology)

Unaffiliated (community members)

  • Peggy Anne Hawkins (Veterinary Provisions, Inc. / Aurora Pharmaceuticals Veterinarian, Director of Research, Microbiologist)
  • Sarah Bardenwerper (Registered Nurse, School of St. Dominic)

Non-voting member

  • Charlotte Whited (Carleton Associate Director of the Grants Office and Compliance Officer)