The S/Cr/NC Option

A student may elect to take up to six credits per term on a S/Cr/NC basis with a maximum total of 30 such credits being allowed during the student’s time at Carleton. The limit of 30 credits does not include mandatory S/Cr/NC courses. The completed S/Cr/NC form, including the instructor’s approval, must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on the seventh Friday of the term for ten week courses, the third Friday of the term for first five week courses and the eighth Friday of the term for second five week courses (see below for specific dates).

  • For a course to count toward the major or minor, it cannot be taken on an elective S/Cr/NC basis. Departments may make exceptions for extra-departmental courses for the major if appropriate.
  • Courses taken to fulfill college graduation requirements (e.g distribution credits, writing and language proficiency), must be passed with a grade of S or C- or better.
  • Courses may not be retaken S/Cr/NC unless they were originally given only on a mandatory S/Cr/NC basis.

Consider discussing this decision with your adviser. We cannot guarantee how graduate and professional schools view S/Cr/NC grades. Please visit the Campus Handbook for further details.

2022-2023 Submission Deadlines
TERM10 Week Courses1st 5 Week Courses2nd 5 Week Courses
Fall 202210/28/20229/30/202211/4/2022
Winter 20232/17/20231/20/20232/24/2023
Spring 20235/12/20234/14/20235/19/2023

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