Overload Policies

The following policies are found in the Campus Handbook under Academic Load and Credit Maximum and Minimum:

  • No student may carry more than 22 credits in any term without the permission of the Academic Standing Committee (ASC).
  • The ASC will consider petitions from students for up to 24 credits per term
  • Normally a 3.0 cumulative grade point average is required.
  • First-year students are not eligible for an overload, except in cases involving participation in musical and theatrical groups.

Overload Request Processing

  • Overload requests will be processed after all class years have had the chance to register during priority registration, typically during the week following the last priority registration slot.
  • Overload requests for the Fall Term will be handled as follows: 300-level and 400-level courses will be processed during the Spring Term, the week after priority registration ends. 100-level and 200-level courses will be processed after new first year students register in August.
  • If a course is full, approval of an overload does not guarantee enrollment in the course. You may be added to the waitlist.
  • If you decide to revise your schedule, a new overload petition will be required if you wish to enroll in more than 22 credits again (the system will not recognize that you had a prior overload approval).
  • If you are overloading with an independent study or project, you will also need to submit the required form in addition to the overload petition.

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