There are several ways in which the superior performance of majors may be formally recognized.

Distinction in the Major is awarded at graduation to students who have received distinction on their integrative exercise (“Comps”) and who have recorded a grade point average of 3.33 in all courses in the major and 2.75 in all other courses.

Distinction on the Integrative Exercise is determined in part by the advisor’s and second reader’s independent assessment of the paper. These assessments are submitted to the CGSC director who determines whether the project passes, and/or receives distinction.

Honors in Independent Study is awarded by the college to the authors of outstanding independent study paper.

The Laurence McKinley Gould Prize in Natural Science is given to a student from the natural sciences (including experimental psychology) for work in science and the humanities.

The Roy O. Elveton Prize Fund in Cognitive Science and Philosophy was established in 2014 by alumni, colleagues, friends, and family of Dr. Roy Elveton to honor him for his many contributions to his students, his colleagues, and the College.

Members of the Department also nominate students to the Carleton chapter of Sigma Xi, the national honor society for scientific research. Nominations are based on assessments of a student’s demonstrated ability and promise for scientific research.