freshman zoobook photo of Jean Schmidt
Jean Schmidt as a Carleton Freshman

The Jean Schmidt Prize was established in memory of Jean Schmidt ’73 who died in a bicycle accident four days after her graduation from Carleton. It is awarded annually to that student of the graduating class “who best exemplifies Jean Schmidt’s enthusiasm for learning and love of people.”

Nominees for the prize should exhibit three qualities similar to Jean’s, as follows: 

  1. Her enthusiasm for learning showed itself not so much in her grades, though she was a fine student, as in her whole approach to her studies. She was eager to learn, open to new ideas, excited about her studies and personally involved in them.  She took great delight in discussing her work with others outside of class as well as in.
  2. Above all, Jean was deter­mined to draw connections among the fields in which she was interested (in her case, especially biology and classics). 
  3. Her love of people was clear not only from her winning warmth and friendliness, but also in more fundamental qualities:  she had a quick instinct to understand what another person was going through, worked always to bring out the best in others, and was most willing to give of herself.

Nomination Procedure

If there is someone whom you would like to nominate, please note the procedure to be fol­lowed — this is different from all other Carleton prizes!

  1. Find three persons who are willing to write on behalf of your candidate. The three must all be members of the Carleton community:
    • At least one must be a current student in any class
    • One must be a member of the faculty 
    • One of them may be you yourself
  2. The nominator must organize the letter writers; the selection committee cannot undertake to do this job for any nominator or candidate.
  3. Have each of the letter writers complete the nomination form below.

Jean Schmidt’s greatest interests were in biology and classics; and so traditionally a com­mittee of students and faculty from these two departments reads the letters and decides on a winner.

The committee will meet to decide right after the deadline date so that the recipient’s name may be sent to the Provost’s Office by their deadline. Therefore the deadline of Monday, April 15 is firm.

Contact Department Chair, Chico Zimmerman with questions.

Thanks for your help in determining the worthy recipient of this annual award.

Jean Schmidt Prize Nomination

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