10. It’s great preparation for med school or law school if you think you might be headed in that direction.

 9. It opens the door to the amazing history, literature, philosophy and culture of Rome.

 8. Everybody takes Spanish — dare to be different!

 7. You’ll get a deeper understanding of all the spells in the Harry Potter books (yes, J.K. Rowling read Classics at Exeter).

 6. We have a jolly and intimate department.

 5. Learning Latin now will make it easier for you to learn any of the Romance languages in the future (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Romanian…).

 4. It will improve your writing in English by both expanding your vocabulary (60% of English words come from Latin) and making you understand grammatical structures more clearly.

 3. Stephen Colbert, Dido and lead singer of Coldplay Chris Martin studied Latin! (Chris Martin graduated University College London with First Class honors in Greek and Latin.)

 2. Forget about asking directions to the bus stop; in Latin you’ll be denouncing traitors to the fatherland in no time.

 1. You get our fabulous Latin t-shirt when you complete the beginning sequence!

For more information see Why Study Classics?