Classical Myth: Theory, Function, Afterlife

Elena Cebulash ’23: Verbal Patterns in Hesiod’s Theogony

Bee Candelaria ’24: Saturno Rege: The Saturnalia, The Golden Age, And The Slave

Lily Haas ’24: Goddess-Mortal Relationships

Becca Helmstetter ’23: A Wrinkled Tale: Truth and Lust in Fulgentius’ Mythologies

Shakeal Hodge ’23: Brothers Mortal and Divine

Emma MacArthur-Warner ’23: Visions of Disembodiment in Homer and Plato

Jake Oberg ’23: There is No Escape: Orpheus and Eurydice in Supergiant’s Hades

Noah Plewa ’22: Representation in Epic and Tragedy

Ellen Schlick ’23 : Cornelia and Her Jewels: Mythologizing Virtuous Maternal Grief