Islands in Time: Insular Life, Culture, and History in the Mediterranean World

Dima Rentel ’22: Sea Dark Wine: Why Ancient Greeks Poured the Sea Into Wine

Alex Harrison ’22: What’s Up With Delos Being a Floating Island in Callimachus’ Hymn to Delos

Scott Shafer ’22: Delineating Delions: Factors Affecting the Founding of the 5th-Century Sanctuary at Phaleron

Loren Townsend ’22: Democracy, Imperialism, and the Aegean

Michaela “MJ” Fielder-Jellsey ’22: A Mountain in the Sea: An Archaeological Study of Piperi

Sam Wege ’22: Three Hellenistic Cycladic Towers: State Fortifications or Nesiotic Response?

Classics Symposium Respondent, Dr. Thomas Leppard