Nine current and prior CAMS students accepted to the ACM Film Conference and Festival

26 March 2018

Cinema and Media Studies is proud to announce that nine current and prior CAMS majors have had their work accepted as part of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest Film Conference and Festival in Lawrence, Kansas, April 20-22, 2018. The short films to be shown at the festival include “Affinity” by Brendan Friesen ’18, “Lost (Found)” by Jonah Castañeda Barry ’16, “Interference” by Léa Gould ’19, “They’ll Be Gone Just In Time” by Peycen Ouyang ’18, “Remind Me of Mañanitas” by Veronica Garcia ’16, and “You Are Being Watched/I Am Watching You” by Paul Kirk-Davidoff ’18. Papers accepted for presentation include Paul Kirk-Davidoff’s “Sympathy for the Devil: The Immediacy of Evil in The Act of Killing and Titicut Follies” and “Balloon in Tree” by Adam Wiener ’19, as well as screenplays by Veronica Garcia, “Calling You,” Griffin Bolte ’18, “Must Cop,” and Sarah Nazarino ’19, “Under Pressure.” Congratulations to all the participants on their success!

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