Featuring CAMS Grad Megan Hafner ’11

17 May 2015

Megan Hafner

CAMS alum Megan Hafner is on a three-month road-trip across the US to meet with representatives from community-based organizations and interview them about the challenges facing cities and towns today.  For more information about her project and updates on her findings, check out her website, Why We Work Here.

Megan writes:

Considering the struggles of cities and towns across the US — stagnant incomes, affordable housing shortages, environmental degradation, to name a few — it seems absurd that so many of us are unemployed, underemployed, or stuck in unsatisfying jobs that exacerbate the problems our communities face. Is it that crazy to think there should be plenty of opportunities to improve the places where we live and take on the challenges ahead?

Why We Work Here is a collaborative initiative that will explore this question. In April 2015, we will embark on a three-month journey to meet with people who answer this question through their daily work, and to meet with young people searching for similar opportunities.

From North Carolina textile manufacturers revitalizing American industry without exploiting people or natural resources, to Buffalonians improving their neighborhood without displacing longtime residents — Why We Work Here will share stories that bring greater definition and color to what it can look and feel like to do work today that builds a world we want to be a part of in the future.

Through this project, we will bring you stories from these community leaders, workers, advocates, and civic innovators who are already creating a new path forward. We hope their experiences and personal stories will start as many conversations for you as they have for us, and more importantly, we hope more young people can use these examples to find and create new opportunities to work for their communities.

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